Today we’re sharing 15 must-try holiday ham recipes! These are perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas, great for the entire holiday season! Turkey is one thing, but ham…the possibilities are endless!

A brown sugar glazed Christmas ham? Perhaps a Thanksgiving ham glazed with cherry sauce is on the menu? Check out these 15 Holiday Ham Recipes! #thanksgiving #christmas #ham #holidays #holidayham #christmasham #thanksgivingham #recipe #holidayrecipes

Bookmark this page and then find one or two of your favorite holiday ham recipes to try this year. Maybe a brown sugar glazed for Christmas, or perhaps you’d like to make one glazed with cherry sauce for Thanksgiving? Whatever you choose, these recipes will surely satisfy your family!

Making New Holiday Traditions

Glazed Holiday Ham Recipes

  1. Pineapple Glazed
  2. Cola and Brown Sugar Glazed
  3. Orange Dijon Glazed
  4. Orange Glazed
  5. Rosemary Balsamic Glazed
  6. Glazed Ham with Cherry Sauce
  7. Baked Ham with Red Wine Glaze
  8. Glazed with Pineapple and Cherry
  9. Honey Glazed Bacon Wrapped

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But check out this leftover ham and cheese sandwich first!

Besides ham, or turkey if you’re a birdy person — is the side dishes! We all love delicious side dishes to go with our Holiday Hams, right?

Check out these Thanksgiving side dishes!

A variety of Thanksgiving ham recipes.

Are you hosting a potluck Thanksgiving or potluck Christmas party this year?

Check out these potluck holiday dinner ideas!

Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday ham! Perfect for your family holiday gathering!

So you’re not hosting, but you’re going to a potluck Thanksgiving or potluck Christmas dinner. What should you bring? Besides the main dish, which the host has likely already provided — you’ll want to bring something delicious! We have you covered….

What should you bring to a potluck holiday dinner?

Christmas ham recipes - glazed ham for Christmas, honey ham for Christmas and more!

Don’t forget the Thanksgiving Cookies or Christmas Cookies!

Holiday Christmas Ham and Thanksgiving Ham recipes!

We also have a deliciously easy dessert for you to make. A pumpkin pie cheesecake that everyone will love. Because it’s become a family favorite in our house, I’m sharing the recipe with you!

 You’ll love this pumpkin pie cheesecake dessert!

Traditional Holiday Ham Recipes

Thanksgiving and Christmas Ham Recipes. Delicious ham recipes for the holidays!

Don’t forget to bookmark this page and save it for later! These recipes will come in useful for many holiday seasons to come! Try a couple this year, and try more next! Find your favorite and make it a new family Thanksgiving or Christmas tradition!

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