If you’re interested in reading an interesting and entertaining blog, you’ve found the right place. I blog about everything including travel, tech stuff, construction and DIY projects, and sometimes you’ll even see a nice foodie post. This is a personal blog and should be considered as such. There’s no real ‘theme’ to my blog, it’s a blog for me to write about what ever I want to write about on any particular day.

I’ve divided the blog into easy to access categories:

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Scrappy Geek and Katie

Katie and myself.

Factoids about Scrappy:

  1. My name is Andrew
  2. I was born in 1981
  3. I was raised and continue to live in New England
  4. My girlfriend Katie and I have been together since 2004
  5. I have no kids, and don’t want to have kids
  6. We do have nieces and a nephew to borrow (we can give them back when we get sick of them)
  7. My favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas – the sights and sounds are exhilarating
  8. I like the color black
  9. I have no lucky numbers
  10. I have 2 favorite foods Lobster & Steamers (ok 3) and Pizza
  11. My cat is a rockstar
  12. I am not a book reader
  13. I don’t know what I like more, creating recipes, doing some DIY projects or travelling…
  14. I like to watch and (used to) play sports – namely football and baseball.

So anyway, here I am – blogging and enjoying the ride. Join me, wont you?

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