The Bug A Salt fly gun is my favorite new BBQ tool! Seriously, when you’re cooking good smelling food, the smoke on your barbecue is rolling and the air is smelling good, that’s when the bugs come out to play! Ugh, right? You can swat your hands at them and curse up a storm, or you can have fun shooting them out of the air with the Bug A Salt gun!

Bug A Salt Fly Gun Shooter! Kill flies the fun way with this fly shooter that runs on salt! This will be your favorite new BBQ tool, or outdoor entertainment! It's a fun way to swat flies! #bugasalt #flyshooter #flyswatter #bbq #bbqtools

Flies use to drive me insane, literally. The Bug A Salt fly gun has resorted my sanity! I used to get frustrated even with just one fly buzzing around my grilling area. Now if two or three joined the BBQ party? Oh man, a few curse words just might fly.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. But, curse words no more – well, except when I shoot a fly out of the air, you might here a grunt and a “Take that you f*cker!” haha. All in good fun of course, but I really LOVE the Bug A Salt Gun! Shooting flies is so much better than shooing them.

Perhaps the funnest way to swat flies, the Bug A Salt fly eliminator will be your newest favorite BBQ tool! It’s certainly my new favorite BBQ tool, and it’s reduced my blood pressure, too! Who knew salt CAN reduce your blood pressure? 🙂

Bug A Salt Fly Gun

I told Katie I wanted to get this for when we’re outside grilling and what do you know, it showed up at our door a few days later. You don’t even understand how much fun the Bug A Salt gun is, it’s so fun that you actually want the flies to come around! For real!

Okay, so here’s a run down of the Bug A Salt fly shooter gun.

Loading The Bug A Salt

The ammunition is regular table salt. I was concerned it would take a lot of salt, but it really doesn’t.

Bug A Salt - Kill flies with salt

It’s easy to load, too. Flip up the plastic lid, pour in the salt, close the lid and you’re ready to go!

Cocking The Bug A Salt Gun

With a pump action, move the hand grip towards the trigger until you hear it cock, move it back towards the front of the gun and then get ready to have fun blowing flies out of the air!

Bug A Salt Fly Gun - Kill Flies With Salt!

Bug A Salt Safety Feature

This is a good feature to have so it doesn’t accidentally go off. The orange swing safety switch is just above the handle, and behind the trigger.

Bug A Salt Fly Gun safety switch. Kill pesky flies the fun way with the Bug A Salt Fly shooter!

The Bug A Salt safety can be easily operated with your thumb and provides a layer of safety so the fly shooter doesn’t shoot accidentally.

Pop Up Aiming Sight Indicator

Take aim with the popup sight indicator! The orange sight on the Bug A Salt pops up when you cock the gun, line up your shot, switch the safety and bang, fly-be-gone!

Bug A Salt Fly Gun Sight - Line Up The Fly and Kill It With Salt!

The sight indicator allows you to take aim and hit the fly on the first try. Well, if you’re a good shot that is!

The fly gun is fun, but you’ll need some practice in order to nail every fly on the first shot. The sight indicator goes a long way to helping you learn how to shoot the Bug A Salt.

Bug A Salt Fly Killer

The Bug A Salt is definitely the most fun tool you’ll add to your outdoor cooking and BBQ experience, ever. You might actually WANT flies to come around while you’re outside, because it’s so much fun to shoot them!

It really does take your attitude from “ARGH” to “HELL YEAH” in 2 seconds flat!

Get Your Bug A Salt »

There is also a laser sight add on you can get to go on your Bug A Salt, making it easier to eliminate those pesky flies! See it here »

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