Halloween is a holiday where everyone loves to get creative with DIY decorations and DIY Halloween decor ideas. It’s no wonder, there are so many possibilities! Easy DIY Halloween decorations can range from pumpkin jack o lanterns that are cute to spooky ghosts, and even horrifying and gory. As you can imagine, you can have fun with making these 15 easy DIY Halloween decorations for your home – regardless of your style!

Halloween Home Decor Decorations! EASY DIY Halloween decorations for your home, make them today!

Because saving money on Halloween decorations is a must, you can create these easy spook-tastic DIYs Halloween Decorations!

DIY Halloween Decorations

Dive head first into these 15 projects and make your own fun Halloween DIY decorations, and decorate your front door, porch, or even mantel. Place these fun DIY Halloween decorations wherever you like!

Paper Mache Spiders

Take a blown up balloon and string paper coated in school glue and water to form the shape of a spider. Once it dries you can add legs and paint it black to create a spider.

Trash Bag Pumpkin

As an alternative to Pumpkin leaf bags, you can make your own! Get large orange trash bags and fill them with leaves. Tie a knot and paint on a face with black paint for a simple lawn decoration.

Milk Jug Ghost

Plastic milk jugs can be used for a variety of ideas. To make a ghost or skeleton, simple take a gallon jug and cut out a face. You can attach it to fishing line to hang it up.

Cardboard Skeleton

Draw a skeleton on a piece of cardboard and cut out each limb. Attach the limbs together with metal fasteners to create a jointed skeleton. Step it up a notch with paper mache, create entire skeletons and really spook your Halloween guests!

Paper mache skeletons DIY Halloween decorations

See: How to Make Paper Mache

Tape Mummy

You can use either duct tape or masking tape to make a mummy. Cut out the figure of a person from cardboard and then wrap the tape around the figure. You can also bulk up the mummy with cotton balls underneath the tape.

Halloween Cat Yard Stakes

Halloween cat yard stakes are fun! Take a piece of thin plywood and draw a basic cat silhouette, cutting out your cat with a jigsaw or other coping saw. Once cut, paint and screw/glue on a wooden post so to stick in the ground.

Wire Halloween Skeleton

You can use wire to make nearly any shape or figure. Simply mold galvanized steel wire into the shape of a skeleton. Using pliers to protect your fingers is a great idea, then paint with black paint and decorate as desired – a top hat makes a great addition!

Paper Chain

Similarly to Christmas paper chains, a Halloween chain can be fashioned from paper that is orange and black. Just cut strips of construction paper and glue them together in a chain for hanging around your house. This is a fun way to countdown to Halloween!


You can make a scarecrow from odds and ends around your house. Straw, old tattered clothes and newspaper are just a few supplies you can use. If you use newspaper, it’s a good idea to keep the scarecrows under a covered porch. Using straw, leaves and hay will be suitable for outdoor weather!

Make full size scare crows or small scarecrows to place around your home!

DIY scarecrows for Halloween and fall decoration


Lanterns can be crafted from glass mason jars decorated with paint on the outside. Instead of fire, try using holiday lights with bulbs for safety.

DIY Halloween Lanterns

Halloween Masks

Create Halloween masks with paper mache, cardboard and even clay. You can make them to wear or for use as decoration. Place them on your mantel or hang them on a wall or better yet, in a window to spook the neighbors and people walking or driving by!


Easy Halloween tombstones can be made from wood panels, cardboard or foam. Simply cut the desired shape and paint them to look old and rustic.

Aside from paint, adding spider webs or other fibers and decorations like a skull can really make your tombstones pop!

Witch and Broom

Take an old whisk broom and pair it with a witch made from tattered fabric and a wide brimmed hat. Wooden sticks can give the witch support. Outdoor witch projects can be made using a cinnamon broom, a witches hat and old cloth and clothes – place the witch on a tree like this!

Halloween Fabric Ghosts

An easy way to create a billowing Halloween ghost is to use a white shirt or bed sheet. Stuff and tie off one end to make a head. Paint on a face and shred the ends of the rest to make a ghostly figure that waves in the wind when strung from a tree!.

Jack O Lantern

The most traditional home decoration is the Jack O Lantern. Remove the seeds of a pumpkin and carve any face or scene you desire. Experiment with carving techniques to create something unique. You can even make wood jack o lanterns or clay pot jack o lanterns like we did!

With glue, paint, yarn, and other common household supplies, you can create all sorts of fun Halloween decorations to delight and creep out your guests and trick-or-treaters.

DIY Halloween carved pumpkin jack-o-lanterns.

Happy Halloween!

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