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Hello again, friends! Can you believe it, Thanksgiving is sneaking up again and it’s time to get our house ready! This year I’m doing something I should have done a while ago, install a towel ring in the guest bathroom. I’m also sharing a few of our favorite around the house clean up tips and projects to get our home prepared for Thanksgiving guests!

How to install a towel ring in your guest bath and prepare for Thanksgiving guests! Learn how easy it is to install a towel ring while you're cleaning your home and preparing for Thanksgiving! #DIYHolidayWithSCJ | ad

Seriously, it’s one of those “doh” moments. The hand towels are always hung with the bath towels or just slung on the sink countertop. So last night while I was at Home Depot picking up some cleaning supplies for our Thanksgiving home clean up, I snagged a ring shaped hand towel ring. This is a long overdue project for our guest bath and definitely something I needed to get done before Thanksgiving guests show up!

Holiday cleaning, bathroom and towel ring installation

First thing’s first though. We’re going to clean the bathroom and the rest of the house to get it ready for guests. We’re using a few products to make a mad-dash through the house cleaning every surface in sight. Scrubbing Bubbles® Fantastik®, Windex® Original Glass Cleaner and Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray.

Holiday cleaning supplies

I think you can guess which product washes what, but always check the bottles for approved surfaces, right?

Cuts Through Grease & Grime

Fantastik Scubbing Bubbles Heavy Duty Cleaner for Bathroom

We’re using Scrubbing Bubbles® Fantastik® product for the tiles, tub, sink and toilet in the bathroom and then moving on to the kitchen countertops, stove, microwave and more – making everything look good before company arrives!

The powerful antibacterial solution cuts to the center of grease and grime and dissolves it on contact and disinfects the area. It cuts through grease and grime, kills 99% of bacteria and best of all, no rinsing required!

Streak Free Shine

Of course for the bathroom mirror and windows all around the house, we’re using Windex® Original Glass Cleaner! It Gives Life a Sparkle™! Windex® Original Glass Cleaner has an Unbeatable Streak Free Shine. We’ve used this product for years to clean windows and mirrors both in our home and cars. It works like a charm every time!

Cleaning with Windex Original

Trusted for generations, Windex® Original Glass Cleaner cleans and shines glass, mirrors, and more!

Dust, Clean and Shine

Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray is perfect for dusting, cleaning and shining the sealed hard surfaces including wood, laminate, stainless steel, leather, marble, granite and plastic around the house. Much like the Windex® Original Glass Cleaner, we use Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray throughout our home in preparation for Thanksgiving guests.

Pledge Orange clean dusting polish

From the laminate countertops to the wood shelving and even the little nooks in your kitchen chairs; who doesn’t love dusting the crevices in the kitchen chairs, amiright? Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray will handle these jobs in stride, just spray a little on a cloth and get to it!

Installing Towel Ring

Now that the entire house is sparkling clean, we’re ready to install that pesky towel ring. And you thought I was going to put it off for another year, didn’t you?

First thing is first, take it out of the package and read the instructions. Most towel rings are very simple to install and come with everything you need. There are towel rings to match any decor. It’s best to match your towel ring up with the color of your faucets or other towel bars in your bathroom. If they’re chrome, get a chrome towel ring, brushed nickel…well you get the idea!

Install a Towel Ring in Bathroom

Begin by lining the ring up on a wall stud, if possible. If there is no stud where you wish to put your towel ring, you will need to use the included drywall anchors.

Decide how high you wish to have your towel ring. If you have a bath towel bar, that height is usually a good place to begin. Hold the mounting bracket against the wall and mark the two holes where the screws will go.

Mounting bracket pencil marks for towel ring

Use two screws to mount the bracket to the wall studs that are behind the drywall. If there is no wall stud behind your drywall, you will use the wall anchors included in your towel ring set. Simply drill the pilot holes and insert the anchors as shown in your product instructions.

Attach the mounting bracket with the included screws.

Mounting bathroom towel ring

Mount the towel ring to the bracket by ‘hooking’ it over the top, and attach the tiny screw to the underside of the towel ring. Screw in the screw. My towel ring set came with an Allen wrench for this part.

Bathroom Towel Ring Installation

See? Easy peasy! After you’re done wiping down the bathroom, you’ll have this project done in literally 10 minutes…don’t wait 3 years like I did

How to install a towel ring in the bathroom

So while you’re at Home Depot grabbing your towel ring to install before a guest drops a hand towel in the toilet… Make sure to grab a few cleaning products, like Windex® Original Glass Cleaner, Pledge® Orange Clean, and Scrubbing Bubbles® Fantastik®.

Be on the lookout for Pledge® product promotions on display in Home Depot stores 11/1/17 through 1/31/18! Find a store near you.

Home Depot cleaning supplies

How do you prepare for Thanksgiving?

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