Going to a Potluck Thanksgiving this year? Not sure what to bring to a Thanksgiving potluck dinner? You’ve come to the right spot. We’re sharing our favorite Thanksgiving potluck food ideas!

Potluck Thanksgiving Ideas! See what you can bring to a potluck Thanksgiving to make it a success! Check it out now!

Usually the host will have the turkey and the guests will bring the sides and desserts. Bring something fun and delicious that everyone will love. While desserts are great, you may want to consider something else. Everyone loves to bring desserts — and you could end up with TOO MANY desserts! Yes, seriously. Here’s our dessert tower from last year! Everyone brought desserts!

Dessert Overload at Thanksgiving!

Yes. That’s 4 pies, 3 tubs of cookies and three containers of fudge! We had 10 people at our potluck thanksgiving and everyone brought dessert! Oops! 🙂

What to Bring to a Thanksgiving Potluck

  • Wine or other adult beverage – a gift for the host and hostess is a nice gesture.
  • Rolls – Buttery flaky rolls are always a hit at our house!
  • Crackers and cheese – a variety that everyone will like!
  • Pasta salad – simple and everyone loves it!
  • Bean casserole – this one is a classic!
  • Cookies – Everyone loves cookies! Thanksgiving Cookies Recipes »
  • Pie – a nice apple or pumpkin pie is always a hit, or maybe a pumpkin cheesecake! Don’t forget the whipped topping!

When in doubt, confer with the potluck Thanksgiving hosts’. Especially if you’re one of those who show up late to the party. You don’t want to be the last one strolling through the door with yet another pumpkin pie…

What to bring to a pot luck Thanksgiving dinner

Other things you may consider bringing to Thanksgiving is nuts for snacking on, fruit to garnish the table and nibble on while the turkey cooks — and don’t forget to bring a football to toss around in the backyard, or keep the kids busy!

What are you bringing to Thanksgiving?

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