How to keep the shower curtain from blowing into the shower!

There’s almost nothing worse than having a shower curtain that keeps blowing in on you when you’re showering. I had the same shower curtain and liner for quite a long time and it always blew in while showering. We’d stretch it out to the sides, we’d pull back one corner, use the suction cup thingies – you know, try all the tricks to prevent it from blowing in on us. Nothing ever seemed to work.

I never knew why this happened or what to do about it, but now I do! We remodeled our bathroom recently and of course with the remodel and makeover came a new shower curtain and liner. We learned why our shower curtain always blew in on us and how to fix the problem.

Stop the Shower Curtain from Sticking to you!

If you’re having this happen, you know that it is a gross feeling too. Even though you know you had just washed the liner, when it sticks to you it’s just ick, ugh, feels gross lol. Well, get ready to put that gross feeling behind you, because I’ve figured out why we always had problems with our shower curtain and liner blowing in on us while we were in the shower. Read on…

Keep the shower liner from blowing in on you!

Why Does the Shower Curtain Blow Into the Shower?

The answer is quite simple. With hot water comes hot steam, it fills the shower area with steam which raises the air temperature and the air then rises out of the shower. When the hot air rises the air supply in the lower half of the shower becomes ‘depleted’ and new air wants to enter through the bottom of the shower area. When air isn’t able to get in, the shower curtain and liner start pushing inward towards you. That is why sometimes pulling back a corner or side of the shower curtain works, because you are allowing air to get in. But, that’s a pain.

The Solution:

How To Stop the Shower Curtain from Blowing in!

So, how can you avoid the shower liner and curtain from blowing in on you? While shopping for new bathroom decoration, floor mat, toothbrush holder etc.. etc.. we also were looking for shower curtain and liner. We found a nice curtain we liked and then needed to find a liner. While looking at the liners, I always shopped price. After all, we don’t need an expensive liner, it’s just a liner!

Stop. It’s not ‘just a liner’. That’s been my problem the entire time. I’ve always bought the cheapest liner I could find. Well, I didn’t realize liners came in several thicknesses. They have different gauge shower curtains. The plastic or vinyl’s thickness is measured by gauge. Ahah! The light bulb went off. The cheapest, which I always bought, was the 3 gauge, thinnest one…

For a couple dollars more I got the one of these 8 gauge shower liners which is thicker and weighs more! Buying the higher gauge (yes, opposite of wire gauge measurements) solved the problem completely, no more shower curtain blowing in on us!

We also bought a one of these curved shower curtain rods, which by the way was totally worth the money – so much more room in the shower! We love it!

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