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Turbo in his new DIY Crate Cat bed

If you’ve been following my blog, you already know, Turbo our Munchkin cat is the king of the house. So naturally he gets spoiled at Christmastime. Each year he gets a new toy, and sometimes he gets a special gift, like a new cat bed, scratch post or fun toys. This year he’s getting a wood crate cat bed, a big pack of TEMPTATIONS® Treats and a TEMPTATIONS® Snacky Mouse treat dispenser! Okay, so I got a little excited and couldn’t wait until Christmas, he got his bed almost as soon as the paint was dry – yea he’s spoiled. I’ll wait and put his TEMPTATIONS® Snacky Mouse in under the tree for him to go nuts over on Christmas morning!

Turbo really loves Christmas, can you tell? This photo was taken last Christmas morning…

Turbo The Munchkin Cat Loves Chrsitmas

Today I’m making a DIY wood crate cat bed for Mr. Turbo. He’s going to love it for sure – you know how I know? Because when we he gets it, there will be a big 16oz container of his favorite TEMPTATIONS® Treats. He gets treats every other day during dinner time. His enthusiasm for TEMPTATIONS® Treats is amazing! His little legs can barely stand it – he’ll sit on his back legs (it’s a Munchkin cat thing) and beg when you’re standing there holding the box of TEMPTATIONS® Treats. Walk around a little bit with the box and he follows like the most loyal dog in the world.

DIY Cat Bed Christmas Gift

When we first adopted Turbo, he didn’t seem to like treats at all. We got a couple different kinds and he always snuffed his nose at them. Then, about two years ago we moved into a new house and of course had to spoil him to help calm his nerves from the move. Well, we tried the TEMPTATIONS® Treats and it was the first time he ever got excited about treats – he gobbled them up and has been spoiled with them ever since!

He loves his treats so much he’s been known to lick the plate when he’s done. He’s such a little wiener!

Turbo The Munchkin Cat Loves TEMPTATIONS Cat Treats

Today we’re making a wood crate cat bed. First, we’ll need to swing by Walmart and grab a wine crate, a pillow, pillow case, paint and painting materials, if you don’t have any at home, and a big container of TEMPTATIONS® Treats – Turbo likes the TEMPTATIONS® Mix Ups with different flavors.

Temptations Cat Treats

Don’t forget some ribbon or a bow to top the treat container! Once we have all of of our materials and treats, we’re ready to begin making our DIY wooden crate cat bed!

Wooden Wine Crate Cat Bed DIY Project

First we’ll choose which side we want as the front and remove two of the top strips of wood. You may need to use pliers to remove the staples if they don’t come out cleanly when you pry the wood away from the crate.

How To Make A Cat Bed from a Crate

Fill the staple holes with putty and smooth them down if you’d like. Give the whole box a once over with a piece of 120 grit sand paper to smooth down any rough edges and make sure it’s safe for kitty to crawl around in.

Preparing DIY Cat Bed for Paint

At this point you may add feet to your DIY wood crate cat bed to sit up off the floor a little bit. It’s not necessary, but I had an extra dowel laying around so I decided to go ahead and make a set of feet for the cat bed. Since Turbo’s legs are only 3 inches long, we’ll just have short little legs on his bed. I made these 1 inch legs from a 3″ round dowels I had left over from when we put together our office desk.

Feet For The Cat Bed

I attached the feet to the base of the cat bed with a dab of wood glue and a couple of brad nails, using my handy-dandy RYOBI brad nailer.

RYOBI Brad Nailer Attaching Cat Bed Feet

Now that we have the top two strips of wood removed, the feet installed and a we have done a thorough job sanding off any burrs on the wood, it’s time to paint! You can certainly use a two-in-one paint and primer in any color you’d like. I will begin with a coat of white primer. My finish coat is a light blue, which was paint left over from when we remodeled our bathroom.

Painting Wood Crate Cat Bed

Once the paint is dry, you can add a few personal touches – perhaps your cats name, his Instagram account address or just a few paw prints pattering across the wood slats. Make it personal!

Stenciling Cat Paws onto the DIY Crate Cat Bed

For the bedding of the wooden crate cat bed, I’m simply using a regular size bed pillow and pillow case. This makes it easy to clean the cat bed, just remove the pillow case and wash it!

Now that all of the paint is dry and the pillow is all ready to go in with a fresh pillow case – you can put the bed together. Get the TEMPTATIONS® Treats ready and put a bow on it! Isn’t this a great, simple DIY Christmas gift for your cat?

DIY Crate Cat Bed Tutorial

As you can see, Turbo is very protective of his treats (lol). He’ll take no funny business when it comes to his TEMPTATIONS® Treats! But, he does love his new cat bed.

Turbo The Munchkin Cat Bed Tutorial

I was a little concerned because he’s picky about where he sleeps – no fear though – Turbo loves his treats and he loves his new cat bed! After he was done beating up the bow on his treats, it took him about 2½ seconds to curl up and fall asleep!

DIY Cat Bed and Turbo The Munchkin Cat

Look at this beef cake! How can you not love that studly face and those big honkin’ paws!

Turbo The Munchkin Cat DIY Cat Bed

Which variety of TEMPTATIONS® Treats does your cat like?

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