9 Must-Have Grill Tools

The weather has warmed up, the sun is shinning, summer is here and it’s time to get grilling with the best grilling tools and gadgets. These BBQ tools and gadgets are must haves for every grill king or queen! Here are 9 of my must-have grilling gadgets and tools.

9 Must-Have Grilling Tools and Gadgets

Let’s begin with our list of must-have grilling tools and gadgets…


NFL, Patriots, Packers and Other Team BBQ Grill Set

NFL & MLB Grilling Sets

Beginning with a little grilling fun, we’ll grab our NFL or MLB team grilling utensils! Get your grilling on with your favorite NFL team! You can score any team you want, but if you want the best – perhaps you’ll go with New England Patriots or the Green Bay Packers design. No matter which team you go for, you’re sure to have the best NFL BBQ grill set in town. The best part? These NFL BBQ spatula, tong and fork sets come complete with a bottle opener!

Prefer baseball? Check out these MLB BBQ grill tools sets. Pick your favorite team and get grilling!

Automatic Grill Grate Cleaner

Automatic Grill Cleaner

Let this grill gadget do the work for you! This stainless steel electric automatic grill cleaner is a must have for serious grillers. If you’re like me, you grill almost every night from spring through fall and look for ways to make your grilling days easier. The automatic grill cleaner is the best hands-off approach to cleaning the grill. Crack a beer and kick back and relax while the grill bot does the work! The Grill Bot is your go-to gadget for cleaning your BBQ grill!

BBQ Grill Salt Block

Grilling Salt Plate

Skip salting your food and use a salt plate. If you’re never used a salt plate, which is also known as a salt block, you’re in for a nice treat. These Himalayan salt plates give your BBQ meats, seafood and even veggies a more pleasent salted flavor versus regular ground salt. Plus, the salt plate is also rich in other natural minerals, giving your taste buds the flavor depth you’ve been waiting for. A grilling salt plate can be used on the grill for cooking, or you can chill it to help keep food cold on these hot summer day!

Electric Grilling Meat Thermometer

Electronic BBQ Meat Thermometer

Making sure your meat is cooked to precisely the right temperature is important not only for safety, but for flavor too! Technology has come a long way over the years, and meat thermometers like this one are wireless! You don’t need to slave over the grill (or even oven). Go chat up your friends, and keep your grill thermometer with you. Check the temperature of your meat while you’re mingling with your party guests!

Hamburger Patty Press

Grilling Burger Patty Maker

Make a bunch of patties at once with a hamburger patty maker. This silicone burger press can make eight one quarter pound burgers in seconds. Ball them up and press them out! Ka-bam, you’re grilling in no time! Make the patties ahead of time and toss the whole thing in the freezer. Pop out the patties you need, when you need them! Per-made patties will defrost faster than a clump of ground beef, so you can be grilling straight away. Plus, this patty maker is perfect for other uses, like soups and stews This hamburger patty press maker is the grill tool which keeps on working, even outside of grilling season!

BBQ Grilling Rib Racks

If you plan on grilling more than one rack of ribs at a time, you’ll want to get yourself a BBQ rib grill rack. This makes it much easier to grill more than one rack of ribs on your grill at a time. Ribs can take anywhere from an hour and a half to several hours, depending on your rib grilling method. So, having a rib grilling rack and cooking your ribs on their sides make it possible to grill several racks of ribs at one time. A barbecue grill rib rack will do the trick!

Propane Tank Gauge Scale

Propane Tank Gauge Scale

Don’t run out of propane during your next grilling party! Grab this propane tank scale and check before you grill! There’s  nothing worse than getting half way through grilling burger or a few nice big steaks and running out of propane. This propane tank scale will save you the heartache of finishing that delicious steak in the kitchen. Grill like a pro and never run out of propane!

BBQ Grill Basket for Vegetables

Vegetable Grill Basket

Don’t forget the veggies! Chop your veggies and toss them on the grill with this grilling basket. No more worrying about your peppers, broccoli, onions or other veggies falling through the grill grates. Simply prep your veggies, brush a little oil on them, add your seasoning if you wish and toss them in the veggie grilling basket. Give them a few turns with your tongs and you’ve got the perfectly flavored, grilled vegetables because you used a vegetable grill basket!

BBQ Grill Basket for S'mores Desserts

Barbecue Grill S’mores Basket

The hot summer heat doesn’t always provide ideal conditions for campfires or fires in your fire pit. But, we all still want to make s’mores all summer long, right! This BBQ S’mores grill basket is the perfect solution to have s’mores, even when the weather is too dry for a campfire! Crank up the grill and get your s’mores melting with this S’mores grilling basket.

What’s your favorite BBQ grill tool or gadget?

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  1. Those baby back ribs look so good that you can pick right up from the picture. They look delicious. I will have to try them. Except, my husband is hard core and doesn't like rubs. He would rather pour on the BBQ sauce and eat them, just like that. :(

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