Easy M&M’s® Candy Christmas Ornaments

This tasty M&M’s® Milk Chocolate candy ornament makes a great party favor for your holiday party guests. The best part about these DIY Christmas ornaments? They only take about a minute to put together, and everyone will love them.

Does Santa leave ornaments on your tree? Try these sweet DIY Christmas ornaments, Santa knows what you like! Easy DIY M&M's® Christmas tree ornaments from Santa! #SweetSquad

This is a fun idea for Santa to leave on the tree when he stops by to leave gifts. It’ll be something a little extra sweet for everyone to enjoy Christmas morning. Yes, I said Christmas morning! Okay, maybe you should put them in your pancakes rather than having a handful. Either way though…these ornaments are delicious!

DIY M&M's Filled Christmas Ornaments

DIY M&M’s® candy Christmas Ornament


  • Clear plastic ornaments (They’re less than a buck each at Walmart)
  • M&M’s® Milk Chocolate holiday candies
  • Ornament hook or twine


  • The first thing you’ll want to do is clean the ornaments. Not that I need to tell you how to clean something but, a drop of dish soap, add some water, shake it about and then rinse it until it’s clean. Dry it completely.
  • Next, fill the ornaments with M&M’s® Milk Chocolate holiday candies – you know, the red and green M&M’s® candies!
  • Replace the hanging clasp and add a hook or go a little rustic with a piece of twine!

Does Santa ever leave ornaments on your tree?