Hey ya’all I’m back with another fun DIY project! This mason jar sconce DIY project is really easy, fun and will look good on your wall! If you’ve ever wondered how to make a mason jar wall sconce, this is the tutorial for you!

DIY Mason Jar Wall Sconces with Flowers. EASY mason jar project to make wall sconces. 5 STEPS to EASY home decor!

As you know, Katie and I got married last year and we still have totes upon totes of decorations from our wedding. Among the bunch is all of the mason jar table centerpieces we made. They’re comprised of painted mason jars and faux roses. I knew we had them so I thought, hmm what can I make with these? Ah-ha! I’ll make a couple of sconces. It’s real easy to do!

DIY Mason Jar Wall Sconce Flower Holder

DIY Mason Jar Sconces

So the rest of the story, without getting too mushy-gushy. The centerpieces had been shoved under our spare bed in totes for about 6 months. Along came Valentine’s Day and I always like to make something for my honey — the idea popped into my head and I knew I had to make them for her. She loved that they were made from our centerpieces! <3


Step 1: First, you’ll be painting your mason jars – remove the lids first. Choose a nice chalk paint in any color, give it a couple of coats and finish it off with a chalk paint wax. This brush set comes in handy. You can distress them if you’d like, we chose not to. As I said, we already had a boat-load of mason jars all finished because they were our centerpieces at our wedding.

Step 2: Cut two 5″ wide boards to approximately 14″ long. I used wide pallet wood I had left over from a previous project.

Step 3: Paint the wood and allow it to dry. I chose to use white chalk paint. No need to paint the backside of the wood unless you want to.

Step 4: Attach a hanger to the back (I used these) and attach a hook to the front (I used these) and installed them upside down. Add a little E6000 glue to the hangers and hook for extra grip if you’d like.

Use these hooks upside down to hang your mason jars 🙂

Step 5: Cut and tie twine onto the lids and screw the lids on. You can literally just wrap the twine around the lid and knot it on either side. The trickiest part is getting the twine on both mason jars to match up well, and hang well on the sconce. You want the jar to hang so it’s not too low, and not too high, and have room for the flowers to fit nicely inside the jar.

Step 6: Add flowers (we used these for our centerpieces) and voila! You’re ready to hang your sconces anywhere you like. I prefer these hooks when we hang stuff on drywall, no need to find a stud!

Mason Jar Wall Sconce DIY Easy Project

Wasn’t this mason jar sconce DIY project just wicked easy?

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