We have another easy popsicle stick ornament idea for you. This time we’re making a nostalgic wooden sled. This little DIY sled will fit right in along side your other classic ornaments on your Christmas tree.

Easy DIY Wood Sled Christmas Ornament. Check out this easy tutorial to build popsicle stick wood sled Christmas ornaments! Build your own sled ornament easily!

Building ornaments with popsicle sticks is fun and makes for a good activity when there is piles upon piles of snow outside and you feel like just staying in. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and a few popsicle craft sticks for this DIY sled Christmas ornament.

Easy DIY Wooden Sled Christmas Tree Ornament

You’ll need just a few things to make this fun DIY wooden sled ornament, let’s go ahead and make one!

Popsicle stick sled ornament


  • Popsicle sticks (plain and red if you find colored sticks)
  • Red paint if your stick are not already colored
  • Glue; hot glue or super glue works great
  • Twine, ribbon or pipe cleaner for hanging your ornament


Glue three red popsicle sticks together, and glue a couple of pieces to the back side as seen in the picture below. Make sure to leave enough room for your sled rails on either side of the braces.

How to make a popsicle stick sled ornament

Next, use scissors or a sharp craft knife to cut the bottom of the sled. You want the entire length of the red portion of the sled to be about one half the length of a whole popsicle stick.

Easy DIY Sled Ornament Tutorial

Glue plain popsicle sticks onto the red sticks as shown in the photo below. They’ll be glued right along the outside edges.

Sled DIY Ornament

And the other ski…

Sled Christmas Tree Ornament

Cut one piece of red popsicle stick just longer than the width of all three and glue it across the front, near the top.

Easy DIY Sled Christmas Ornament

The final step is attaching the twine or in our case, fancy tinsel pipe cleaner to the backside of the small red piece – two dabs of glue should do the trick.

Adding hanger to DIY sled Christmas ornament

You can leave the hanger off if you plan to display this DIY wooden Christmas sled on your mantel or add it to your centerpiece. But if you plan to hang it on your tree, certainly add a hanger like pipe cleaner or twine.

DIY Popsicle Sled Christmas Tree Ornaments

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