10 Super Bowl Appetizers

Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes

Super Bowl appetizers are one of the main reasons we love to throw a Super Bowl party! Do you agree that the food is half the fun of a football party? We’re sharing the best 10 Super Bowl appetizer recipes! Do you have a favorite Super Bowl Sunday dish to serve? Here are the best football […]

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National Chocolate Cake Day Recipe

Football Cake for National Chocolate Cake Day

Did you know January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day? Well, it is and I’m making a football shaped chocolate SNICKERS® cake to celebrate national chocolate cake day and the football playoffs! We’re having a big football party to celebrate the Super Bowl and I know this cake will be a hit! Chocolate SNICKERS® Football Cake Recipe We’ll […]

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Football Conversation Starters

Pizza Nachos and Football Conversation Starters

We’re gearing up for the big game and for some people, football conversation starters are needed! Great food, drinks and conversation is what football parties are all about. So, what are some easy conversation starters for novice football fans? I’m going to help you with that, as well as share an easy skillet nacho pizza recipe and a new delicious drink to get things rolling.

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