Effortless Grilled Pizza: No Recipe Required!

Effortless Grilled Pizza

Who likes grilled pizza? I do! I love to BBQ all different foods, pizza is no different. Let’s face it, this summer is shaping up to be one the busiest summers on record for a lot of us! There simply isn’t enough time in the day. It’s one thing or another, a problem or a party. Sometimes we need an effortless meal to help ease the

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31 Summer Inspired Recipes

Summer Recipes

So by now you’ve figured out I love creating cool foodie dishes, but where does inspiration come from? It comes from everywhere. A lot of the times my recipes just pop into my head and they’re usually recipes that I don’t know what they’ll taste like or how they’ll turn out. It’s a wait till […]

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Blogging Photography Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Blog Photography Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Taking photos for your blog might sound like a simple task, but there’s a lot that goes into it. I’ve decided to round up a few great blog posts from fellow bloggers who are sharing their tips, tricks and hacks for blogging photography. Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Blogging Photography When I first started blogging, my […]

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DIY Water Gun Rack

Water Gun Holder and Storage Unit

A rack for your water guns? Brilliant! Today we’re building a water gun rack. A place to hang those squirt guns when they’re not in use! I remember growing up, we had lots of water guns and no where to store them. They were always getting

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BBQ Red, White and Blue Cookie Pizza

Giant Red White and Blue Cookie Pizza

Are you ready for a Red, White and Blue Cookie Pizza? This 4th of July we’re firing up the grill and making a tasty red, white and blue cookie pizza to celebrate Independence Day! We’re baking our red, white and blue cookie pizza on a pizza stone on the grill. And yes, we’re going to show you how you can make your own red, white and blue cookie pizza…

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