Yellow Drips Under Car

The color of these leaks is really BRIGHT yellow, our camera kinda sucks.

OMG! Freak out time! There’s yellow fluid leaking from your car! What on earth is that fluid? It’s bright yellow and it made a drip, drip, drip on the snow all the way up your driveway! There might even be a frozen chunk of the yellow liquid that falls off (if you get lucky like us!). So, what on earth is this yellow liquid? It’s bright, yellow and shows up well on the snow.

Car leaking yellow fluid

Well, this liquid isn’t anything to freak out about – especially if you’re noticing this in the winter. As far as I know there are not any bright yellow fluids in my car – so where is this fluid coming from? Why is there yellow fluid dripping from my car? It’s actually a silly reason…

It’s road rock salt, from winter road maintenance. The salt that is spread on the road to melt the snow gets up on your muffler, which is made up of various metals. The road salt heats up and a chemical reaction happens turning the road salt into a yellow liquid which drips off the bottom of your car and creates the appearance of a fluid leak.

Chunk of yellow fluid leaking from car

If it freaked you out, don’t worry – it freaked me out too. It’s just road salt dripping from the bottom of your car.

Yellow Fluid Leaking Under Car On Snow

These drips and this chunk was BRIGHT yellow, our camera kinda blows.

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Disclaimer: No one wants car troubles, so if you doubt that it is road salt dripping, your best bet is to get a professional opinion. I am not a mechanic and I make no claims as to your personal automotive issues. This was the case with the yellow fluid dripping from my car, but it may not be the same issue with your vehicle.

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