Today I’m sharing a few inspiring wall decor ideas. DIY projects that you can hang on the walls of your home and be proud of! Home wall decor ideas often come from the oddest of places, but like anything – if you can envision it, you can do it!

Wall decor ideas for your home. Check out these easy DIY wall decor ideas that anyone can make! They're easy to build and will add a lot of style to your room!

These are meant to show you what you can do, take what you have and recreate these easy projects!

Vintage Window Wall Decor Ideas

Window Wall Decor

First up is this unique window DIY project. These windows had been laying around for years until a reason came about to finally put them to use. The idea dawned on her while she was browsing an expensive home decor site online. You know exactly how that feels, don’t you? The light-bulb moment when you realize you can make that really expensive piece for far less. Well, that’s exactly what was done here.

You can even buy window wall decor and paint to match the colors in your home.

Keep in mind though, you don’t necessarily need vintage windows for this project. Think about what you’ve seen at the thrift store lately. Did you spot a TV cabinet with glass doors? Would that work for your DIY? I bet it would…

Vintage Inspired Window Decor

Truck Front Hanging Wall Decor Idea

Truck Front Wall Hanger

Have you ever considered hanging the front of a truck in your home, complete with working lights? Yes? No? Well, this project doesn’t require the entire front of a truck, luckily! You can easily build this set up and with some wood and a few original parts, like the grill off an 81 dodge pickup truck. We all have one of those, right?

Well, probably not but you can score a truck grill here. Just get a mostly square one to make framing it easy.

With a little working knowledge of lights, a strong knack for DIY projects and a little sweat, you too can have this DIY hanging truck wall decor for your kids room, man cave or maybe your kitchen – where ever you want to hang this fun project – it’s your choice!

Wall Truck Decor

DIY Mirror Frame. How to frame a bathroom mirror with wood.

DIY Farmhouse Mirror Frame

The bathroom may be the last place we think about when we’re talking about wall decor ideas. Well, wall decor doesn’t need to be something special you hang on the wall, it can be something as simple as freshening up an everyday item. Take your bathroom mirror for example, have you thought about putting a frame around it but don’t know where to start? Turning your boring mirror that is glued to the wall into a rustic farmhouse mirror may be within reach, if you have the DIY bug!

Otherwise, check out these farmhouse mirrors.

You can use old or new wood for this, upcycle pallet wood for your mirror frame. It’s a simple project that can add a lot of *pop* to your room and freshen up that drab decor. Go ahead, learn how to frame a mirror…
DIY Mirror Frame

DIY Curio Shelf

Sometimes we don’t need a big, extravagant home decor idea. Sometimes we just need a simple wall shelf. This easy curio shelf will add a little rustic charm to your home, whether you are going for a farmhouse look or something a little more contemporary, this piece will fit right in.

Check out these sleek wall shelves.

Or carry on and build your own easy DIY home decor wall shelf to store your curios and bric-a-brac. Either way, adding a nice clean shelf to your wall is an easy way to clean things up a little bit and give your home a fresh new look in a matter of minutes.

Easy Wall Shelf

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