Where’s the Vermont Toy Museum? It’s tucked away in the upstairs of a little store in Quechee, Vermont! I’d driven by the Quechee Gorge Village a hundred times and only stopped in a few times for a quick visit. Today, we went on a little road trip and visited the Vermont Toy Museum, which boasts more than 100,000 toys!

Vermont Toy Museum in Quechee, Vermont

If you love to reminisce about your childhood and want to see all the old toys you used to play with, the Vermont Toy Museum is the place to be. You can spend an hour or two gazing at all the toys, remembering your childhood and hearing yourself and others claiming “I had one of those!”.

Quechee Gorge Village Vermont

Vermont Toy Museum

I’ll warn you, the pictures aren’t the best. This was an impromptu stop and we didn’t know we were going to be visiting the Vermont Toy Museum, well, because we didn’t know it existed! All the photos were taken with my phone, so they’re a little sub-par, but they’ll do! 🙂

The Vermont Toy Museum in Quechee, Vermont

The toy museum is located on the second floor, above Cabot Cheese and next to the Vermont Country Store. You can access the toy museum from either store. Head to the back left of Cabot Cheese, or back right, and through the door into Cabot Cheese from the Vermont Country Store.

Donation Bucket at Vermont Toy Museum

Admission to the toy museum is free. You can however leave a donation to help keep the toy museum going and for the renovation. There is a donation water well at the top of the stairs with a sign on it – suggested donation is $3 per person or $6 per family. Do leave something in the donation bucket, it’ll helping generations to come be able to say “I had one of those!”

80's Halloween Costumes; Hulkamania and Alf

There were lunch box walls, a PEZ dispenser display, and even a wall with Halloween costumes, like this awesome hulk costume (I had one of those!) – and so much more! Make sure you make your way to the bottom of this article to see the ‘don’t miss’ big elephant in the room!

Toys at the Vermont Toy Museum

Now let’s get to what you’ve come here for, the toys! I’m not going to spoil everything by sharing a ton of pictures with you, but I will share a few photos I snapped to give you a glimpse at what you can find at the Vermont Toy Museum!

Toys by Decade at Vermont Toy Museum

The first thing I noticed was the toys were very well organized. There were walls of toys all well organized, there were some toys sectioned by decade, so you can spot some of your favorite childhood toys in those cases.

There were walls made completely of lunch box displays…

Lunch Box Display at Vermont Toy Museum

Pre and post over-protective societal generation toy guns…

Vermont Toy Museum Toy Guns

Don’t forget to check out the PEZ Dispenser display!

VT Toy Museum PEZ Dispenser Display

Make sure you look up! The ceiling is covered in board game box tops – we even found a presidential candidate’s board game up there!

Donald Trump Board Game at VT Toy Museum

I didn’t see a Clinton board game, but if you look I’m sure you can find the “Clue” board game. And well, let’s face it, that’s close enough… Right? 😉

Vermont Toy Museum Ceiling of Board Games

Take a peek at all the fascinating train models on display, like this Green Mountain Rutland Gateway model…

Model Train at VT Toy Museum

Now that big elephant in the room. Okay, not so much an elephant as it is a train. When you circle around to the far side of the museum, you’ll find a huge train set. Press the button and watch it go around!

Model Train at the Vermont Toy and Train Museum

Visiting the Vermont Toy Museum

Visiting the Vermont Toy Museum in Quechee, Vermont is a worthwhile stop. It’s free admission, just drop something in the donation bucket and check out all the awesome toys that will shoot you straight back to your childhood! Whether you remember playing with cap guns or popples, you’ll be able to spot your favorite childhood toys and spark some great memories!

Open daily from 10am-5pm
Ph. 802.295.1550 x102
Web. Quechee Gorge Village

What was your favorite childhood toy?

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