Twitter Mistakes: Avoid These Like The Plague

Twitter is a great platform for friends, businesses and bloggers alike. Bloggers can increase visitors and drive traffic to their blog, businesses can increase sales and friends can stay connected. Twitter gives you 140 characters to get your point across and most people have learned to type in this abbreviated world quite well.

Twitter Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague

Nevertheless, if you want to grow your reach, increase your follower count and engage more customers, readers or friends, you’ll want to avoid making these 5 mistakes.

1. Tweeting More or Less Than You Should. If you’re not a Twit-head and you only pop on Twitter once or twice a day, or maybe just a few times a week, you may be making a big mistake in your marketing efforts. Tweeting too little or too much.

When you log into Twitter, do you go bananas and Tweet every post you’ve recently published? Do you Tweet all your sponsored stuff, do you hit Twitter like a tornado? If you looked at your Tweets on a 24 hour scale does it look like you dropped a bomb on a certain time of day? You might be Tweeting too much at once. Simmer down and spread your tweets out. Spreading your Tweets out will get you more followers and will make your current followers like you more.

Perhaps you’re in a different boat and you’re the Tweet-to-little type. If you only sign on three times per week and send out 1 tweet each time, you’re not maximizing your reach. You should tweet at least once per day and be consistent about. Don’t have the time to sign on each day? That’s ok, use a program like HootSuite to schedule your tweets ahead of time!

2. Maxing Out Your 140. You’re not the only one making this mistake, I see it all the time. When you max out your 140 character limit in your tweets, you’re not leaving anyone room to retweet with recognition. When people retweet, they often like to include, in my case, “RT @Scrappy_Geek” at the beginning of the tweet, to give you recognition, which helps you build your Twitter following. So, try to keep your Tweets to about 115-120 characters.

3. Starting A Tweet With A Username. This is a rookie mistake, but even some well rounded Twit-heads make this mistake and don’t know that it severely limits their reach.

Lets say you’re tweeting about me and say “@NHJinx just posted an awesome blog post.” Well, first of all, thank you. Secondly, the only people who will see that tweet is people that follow both you and I. Not all of your followers or all of my followers will see this, only those who follow both of us will see that tweet. Really limiting isn’t it?

Instead, your tweet should read “An awesome blog post was just posted by @NHJinx”. Now, all of your followers can see it!

4. Not Talking With Those Who Talk To You. When someone replies to a Tweet (with the exception of spammers), it would be really nice if you continued the conversation, or at least acknowledge their existence. When someone is standing in front of you and says something, do you stand there and not say anything? You get the idea.

5. Using A Difficult To Remember Twitter Handle. We’ve all seen it done – people use special characters or an absorbent amount of numbers in their user name. This makes it difficult to remember your username. Use something that your visitors will be able to remember.

Tip: For your username, create one that is verbally friendly. For instance, if you’re a member of congress, this name would fit you perfectly, “Mr_Clueless_Washington_DC_1_8_4” …but you added special characters and numbers that make it hard to verbalize. There again, you are a member of congress, so that’s not surprising. Speak that username out loud. “M R underscore Clueless underscore Washington underscore DC underscore the number one underscore the number eight underscore the number four” Not as awesome of a username as you thought it would be, Riiiiiight?

Do you have a Twitter Pro-Tip? Leave it in the comment section below!

15 thoughts on “Twitter Mistakes: Avoid These Like The Plague”

  1. I am guilty of tweet less than I should. I at one time had a love affair with twitter and just let's say feel out of awe. While I have maintained my twitter status - I miss the engagement.
    1. Twitter can definitely be more engaging than other social networks. It's fun, entertaining and good for marketing efforts. Thanks for stopping by, Teri!
  2. I've found that using publishing software helps me moderate how my self-promoting tweets are spread out. I had been using a different program that sent them as soon as they were published, but that didn't work out well. I am guilty of not leaving room for a shout out on a RT.
  3. I had no idea about not starting a tweet with the @personsname...(rookie!!) - I don't think it's something I do very often, but I will definitely be on the look out for that from now on!! I also love using Hootsuite to help me space out my tweets. Thanks so much for this post!
  4. Great tips! I have only been active on Twitter for less than a year but I am certainly getting the hang of all the nuances. One that I hate the most is the automatic DM. And then it says "sent via unfollower" or some other automated program. At any given time I may have up to 20 messages like that. Or the "let's connect on FB too, go like my page link here." I get it, they want to cross-promote their social profiles. But in that case, just put the link in your bio and if I want to check it out and give it a like I will. I hate the begging. Ok, I am done ranting now. Lol.
    1. Ah, I too hate the Twitter Auto-Responders. So many people advise using these to increase reach - to me it seems really, really 'spammy' What makes it worse is how Twitter inboxes are set up - there's no easy way to sweep your inbox clean (at least I haven't found a way). Thanks for stopping by, Carin!
  5. Love your list! All are very true. I've recently picked up a lot more followers by doing that UNFOLLOW site. I unfollowed all the inactive followers, started following back legitimate accounts and unfollowing those who aren't following me. All this has made my numbers go up over the past few month.

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