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Today I thought I would jump on here and share a PC gaming headset that I know you’ll love hearing about. They are the best PC gaming headset I have had the pleasure of owning, and are perfect for everyone in the family! Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or have kids who love to play their favorite computer, the Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas headset is hard to beat! With the holidays and birthdays always around the corner, this headset makes a great gift for your family of gamers!

The best new PC gaming headset! Great for gifting, the Turtle Beach Atlas Elite PC Gaming Headset delivers everything you want and more. Superior sound and awesome mic to communicate with your teammates, this headset has it all! CLICK to learn more! #headset #gaming #gamers #pcgaming #EliteAtlasPCGaming

The Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas PC gaming headset is perfect for yourself and perfect for gifting too. Not only are they affordable, but they provide unparalleled quality and performance. The Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas has taking PC gaming by storm and sets a new benchmark for esports audio on PC. Even the packaging is on point, whoever gets this knows they’re getting quality.

The best gaming headset for PC. The Turtle Beach Atlas Elite PC Gaming headset is awesome!

While I love playing all sorts of different games, family and friends also love to play their favorite games. Whether it be on the computer, their gaming consoles, laptops or even on their phones, this headset goes wherever we go!

I know this will make the perfect gift for the PC gamer kids in my family. Although I try, I have a hard time keeping up with all  the different games the kids are playing these days. What PC games is your family into? (leave a comment below!)

Audio Performance

Providing an unmatched audio experience, the Windows Sonic for Headset integrated into the pro-tuned 50mm Nanonclear™ speakers give you an immersive surround sound experience like no other. So while you’re taking names and kicking butt, you’ll be able to hear everything that’s going on. You won’t miss a pin drop with this headset!

Turtle Beach Gaming Headset for PC and home consoles.

Aside from the sound experience that’ll knock your socks off, the Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas also comes with a removable high-sensitivity mic with TruSpeak™ technology. The TruSpeak™ technology allows you to communicate with your teammates easily and flawlessly. Everyone will know when you’ve got something to say! Lead your team to victory!

Gaming Anywhere, Anytime!

Most of you hardcore gammers know that your desktop unit is just one arm of your gaming. When you hit the road for work or pleasure, you grab your laptop, tablet, or handheld gaming console and go. Me too. That’s why the Elite Atlas headset is perfect for gamers like us.

PC Gaming Headphones

The Elite Atlas goes wherever you love to play. It comes with 3.5mm and PC-splitter cables that can connect to any PC setup. Because Elite Atlas was made with you in mind, you’ll always be connected with great sound and killer microphone capabilities. Whether you’re on your home gaming PC, your mobile device, or ready to rock someone’s world on your home gaming console, you’ll always have top notch sound and mic capabilities!

Hardcore PC Gamers Headset

Amplify your gaming experience with the Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas gaming headset for PC. They’re so good, even the wife gets in on the action. I guess we know what’s on her Christmas wish list now, right!?

Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

Aside from the durable and sleek metal headband with suspended pad and ProSpecs™ glasses friendly design, the Elite Atlas headset also gives hardcore PC gamers like us super comfortable upgraded magnetic memory foam ear cushions that block out external noise with synthetic leather and athletic fabric – giving you the sound quality you want in a gaming headset.

PC Gaming Headset from Turtle Beach

This headset covers all your bases. From A to Z, PC gaming to handheld consoles on the go, you’ll always have awesome sound and a crisp mic wherever you want to play!

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