Turn Your Old USB Phone Cable Into A Flash Drive!

Turn your USB Phone Cable into a Flash Drive

If you’ve got an old USB type phone cable that you no longer use, you should try this! It’s fun and geeky! So, what you need is an old USB phone cable and an old USB Flash Drive. If you’re like me, you have 20 of them sitting in your junk drawer. Make sure you remove anything from the flash drive that you might want to keep, in case this goes horribly wrong.

Watch the video below to find out how to turn your old USB phone cable into a secret flash drive to store your por… uhhh portobello¬†mushroom soup recipes!

7 thoughts on “Turn Your Old USB Phone Cable Into A Flash Drive!”

  1. Cool idea thanks for this! This will be my new method of hiding my huge stash of portobello mushroom recipes so the kids don't find it!

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