Turbo the Cat at Christmastime

Meet Turbo the cat.. He’s a cool-cat, some even say he’s a rock star. We adopted him from his previous owner who used to bring him to do cat shows.  He has won 10 ribbons (how cool is that!?). His breed is Munchkin – super short legs, extra cuddly, purrs like it’s his job and chills all day, every day.

He’s sitting on my lap as I type this post — purring away.  Above is a photo of him chilling in front of the Christmas Tree. We didn’t know how well he would be around the tree (since this is our first year with him) – but he’s doing excellent. He only sniffs it on occasion and moves on. Good boy!

Anyways …that’s Turbo in a nutshell!

I figured I’d introduce you to him since he’ll make occasional appearances in my blog…

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