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Our Hollywood Tour Experience

Here is our Hollywood tour experience, the good, the bad and the ugly! While in California for a conference in Long Beach, California, we decided to visit Hollywood before heading back to the east coast. Well, we took one of those Hollywood van tours with StarTrack...

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Our Trip to Long Beach, California

Recently I had the opportunity to visit California on business. Katie and I had never been to California, and you know how she's such a big part of my blog, I got her a ticket to the Social Fabric conference and she came along with me. We were in Long Beach,...

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Vermont Toy Museum: Quechee, VT

Where's the Vermont Toy Museum? It's tucked away in the upstairs of a little store in Quechee, Vermont! I'd driven by the Quechee Gorge Village a hundred times and only stopped in a few times for a quick visit. Today, we went on a little road trip and visited the...

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Tips for Traveling with Your Cat

We’ve recently discovered SHEBA® Perfect Portions™ cat food, which is the purrfect solution for traveling with your cat. If you’re one who likes to take your cat everywhere, or maybe just on an overnight trip due to home renovations, SHEBA® Perfect Portions™ cat food is the answer to your bulky cat food bag issue!

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Quincy Bog Natural Area: Rumney, NH

Today we’re visiting Quincy Bog natural area in Rumney, New Hampshire! The bog is a beautiful, quiet spot that gives you a great taste of New Hampshire. Quincy Bog is located not too far off of I-93, just outside of Plymouth, New Hampshire in the town of Rumney.

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Summer Road Trip Savings!

How do you save on your summer road trip? Today, I’m sharing 3 ways you can save on your summer road trip this year. First, we’ll need to map out our road trip. Plan your trip, your stops and the places you’ll want to visit and see!

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DIY Projects: Are Dangers Lurking In Your Home?

What dangers are lurking in your home improvement project? Some DIYs require the assistance of a professional. Hiring someone to abate asbestos and lead paint is your best option. Learn more about the dangers that may be lurking in your home DIY project.

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Clay Pot Garden Sculpture Race Car Craft

Make this clay pot garden race car sculpture and you’ll laugh so hard the neighbors will think you belong at the funny farm! It’s real easy to do and it’ll look great in your garden, mulch bed, or just staring at your neighbors from a distance!

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