As you may have heard, we visited the Ice Castles recently on a media promo trip. That was fun, what you may not have seen is that we stayed at The Common Man Inn’s new Tiny Cabins. They’re located at the new “The Barn on the Pemi”. While they’re located at the barn, we better know the location as “the greenhouse.”

Our tiny cabin getaway in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Part of The Common Man Inn and Spa and The Barn On The Pemi, the Tiny Cabins make for a great weekend getaway! See our first impressions here! #tinyhouse #tinycabin #barnonthepemi #commonman #thecmaninn #thecommonman #thecommonmaninn #vacation #getaway #travel #newhampshire #visitnh #newengland #travelling #roadtrip

If you’ve been following my blog for a few years, some of this may be ringing a bell. Do you know why? Right! Katie and I got married at “The Greenhouse”, one of the wedding venues at The Common Man Inn. The newly erected (old) barn was being re-built near the greenhouse around the time we got married, and apparently they added tiny cabins, too! Why not stay there while we were up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for the Ice Castles!?

The Common Man Inn – Tiny Cabins

They are exactly what you think, tiny cabins! Following the rustic theme of The Common Man Inn and Spa in Plymouth, New Hampshire, the tiny cabins are decked out with rustic decor, fun wall treatments and everything you need for a comfortable night away.

The Common Man Inn, Barn On The Pemi Tiny Cabins in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Yeah, I couldn’t get a great shot of the front of the cabin because they’re kinda situated on a big hill and it was pretty icy when we went. The view was nice though!

Mountain View from the Tiny Cabins in Plymouth, NH

This is going to be a quick rundown of the tiny cabin because, well, its tiny! 🙂

Tiny Cabins Plymouth, NH

Perhaps one of the most important features – the fireplace! This fireplace was perfect when we got back from the Ice Castles, and our hike around Quincy Bog. It blasted the heat and was the perfect way to warm up after being out in the cold!

The fireplace in the Tiny Cabins at The Common Man Inn in Plymouth, NH.

The bed tied for first with the fireplace. The mattress was super comfortable – Katie and I both slept until like 10am on Sunday! We never sleep in that late, but it was nice! The bed was also up against a cool wall featuring rough sawn tree boards, complete with bark!

The bed in the Tiny Cabin in Plymouth, NH.

Katie and I both got the feeling this was kind-of a ‘baby making cabin’ — weirdly, the dream catcher above the bed had a birds next with eggs in it — not real of course.

And the signage was all lovey-dovey too… We understand that The Common Man and The Barn on the Pemi encompass wedding venues …but yeah…lol

Tiny Cabin Dream Catcher with Birds Nest and Eggs.

Love Grows Best In Tiny Houses signage at the Tiny Cabins in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

The Common Man Tiny Cabins, Love The One You're With Sign.

The bathroom was different as the shower was a part of the room, not a shower stall or tub. However, it was a small bathroom with most of the toiletries you need including shampoo, conditioner, and body wash right on the shower wall.

The tiny cabins bathroom at The Common Man Inn.

Overall it was well worth staying at the tiny cabins, and it’s right next door to The Italian Farmhouse where you can grab dinner, or hang out at the bar and get a little tipsy before walking back to your cabin. Not that we did any of that of course… 😂

pssst… Try the Rye-Ball Martini 😉

Tiny Cabins Barn on the Pemi, The Common Man Inn in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

If you’re ever up in the Plymouth, New Hampshire area and need a place to stay, give The Common Man Inn and Spa a call, you’ll love it!

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