One Saturday afternoon, we were having a backyard pizza party and had an ingenious idea. A pack of strawberries were sitting in the fridge, left over marshmallows from our s’mores bucket were bagged up in kitchen cupboard, and we had a bunch of those little round brownies that come boxed up in pouches of four. Well, we figured why not thread the strawberries, chocolate brownies, and marshmallows on a skewer and make an easy s’mores treat?

Strawberry Brownies Smores Recipe

Strawberry Brownie Smores

I’m pretty sure you can figure this one out on your own – but of course I’m going to show you how we made them. It’s real easy to do!

Chocolate brownie s'mores easy recipe with strawberries and mashmallows.

Strawberry Brownies Smores Recipe


  • Strawberries
  • Store-bought chocolate brownie rounds
  • Marshmallows
  • Skewers


  • Thread a strawberry, then a brownie, then a marshmallow, and another strawberry onto the skewer.
  • Toast the marshmallow with a kitchen torch
  • Enjoy!

Easy brownie and strawberry smores recipe with toasted mashmallows on a stick.

See how easy that was! A wicked fun and easy dessert to make for your backyard cookouts. Something the kids can do – threading the skewers… I wouldn’t recommend they use the torch though.

In the video below, they drizzle chocolate over their strawberry brownies and marshmallow skewers. However, I prefer to torch the marshmallow — it’s not a s’mores without a toasted marshmallow, right?

Either way, these are a delicious and easy backyard cookout dessert!

Smores kebabs with brownie and strawberries

Strawberry Brownie S'mores Kebabs

Strawberries and brownies threaded onto kebab sticks with a marshmallow, then toasted with a torch.
Prep Time2 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Author: Andrew Eaton


  • Kitchen torch (optional)


  • 2 per skewer Strawberries
  • 2 per skewer Brownie rounds - store bought
  • 1 per skewer Marshmallow


  • Thread a strawberry, a brownie, a marshmallow, then strawberry onto the skewer

  • Toast the marshmallow with a kitchen torch

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