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Today we’re visiting Quincy Bog Natural Area in Rumney, New Hampshire! The bog is a beautiful, quiet spot that gives you a great taste of New Hampshire. Quincy Bog is located not too far off of I-93, just outside of Plymouth, New Hampshire in the town of Rumney.

Today we're visiting Quincy Bog Natural Area in Rumney, New Hampshire! The bog is a beautiful, quiet spot that gives you a great taste of New Hampshire. Quincy Bog is located not too far off of I-93, just outside of Plymouth, New Hampshire - click to see more!

As you know, we like to take little road trips during our free weekends to explore nature here in New Hampshire. Whether we’re hiking to the top of Holt’s Ledge or just walking a new section of the rail trail, we’re always finding a new place to explore.

Quincy Bog in Rumney, New Hampshire

Road Trip: Rumney, New Hampshire

As usual, we hopped in the car and hit the road! We planned to stop at Walmart to grab a lunch and drinks to take with us to the bog for a picnic. While at Walmart I noticed that the Walmart Automotive Care Center was having a deal on Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® oil changes and I know we were definitely due for an oil change.

You know me, saving time and money, I drove the car around to get the oil changed with Pennzoil Platinum®: Full Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus™ Technology while Katie was shopping for our picnic goodies. It just makes life easier getting the oil changed by the Automotive Care Center experts while we’re doing our shopping!

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Quincy Bog Natural Area: Rumney, New Hampshire

Okay, enough car talk – let’s get to Quincy Bog! Quincy bog is pretty easy to find. If you’re coming from I-93, just follow Rt 25 West (aka Tenney Mountain Highway and Rt 3A) for about 2.5 miles to Smith Bridge Road on your right. But, if you continue about 1/2 mile further on Rt 25, you’ll find the Walmart Super Center on your left where you can grab snacks and drinks to enjoy while you’re walking the bog!

Rumney, New Hampshire's Smith Road Covered Bridge

You’ll travel down Smith Bridge Road and of course you’ll have to stop at the covered bridge. There’s parking on the side of the road so you can get out of the car to see the structure, it’s really neat the way these historic covered bridges were built.

Smith Covered Bridge in Rumney, New Hampshire

Continue on to Quincy Bog Road which will be on your right. If you’re not careful you can easily drive past the road, it’s hidden quite well. It’s easy to miss! Once on Quincy Bog road you’ll have to follow the sign and turn left to make your way to the parking area, which is at the end of the the road. Just park at the end of the road in front of the sign. It is at the end of a residential neighborhood so be respectful if you go very early in the morning.

Quincy Bog, New Hampshire

There’s usually not too many people there and you may even get the whole bog to yourself! Today there was only one other person there. She was taking some nature photos, much like we were – see the pictures below! From the parking area you’re just a few steps from the bog!

Take a minute to check out the bulletin board which has some information about the bog and surrounding areas and a map as well. There’s also a donation box to the left if you feel so inclined. It helps pay for maintenance of the walkways (see photos below) and upkeep of the natural area.

Information Center at Quincy Bog

Now onto the walking path. The path travels first down to the Nature Center out-building, which wasn’t open while we were there, it looks like it’s used mostly for maintenance operations.

Quincy Bog Nature Center Building

Then onto the bog, where you can walk around the entire bog on a maintained pathway. The trail which goes around Quincy Bog is about 1 mile long, I would guess. It traverses over portions of the bog on narrow wooden walkways and bridges, so use caution and keep children close by.

Walkways at Quincy Bog

Make sure you pay attention to where you step, but don’t forget to enjoy nature while you’re there! We saw all sorts of awesome plants and animals –  keep reading to see the Great Blue Heron we saw!

There were a lot of birds to see, bring binoculars or your zoom lens. I believe this is a Baltimore Oriole!

Quincy Bog Nature, Birds

…and flowers were plentiful, too. Check out this Blue Flag Iris!

Flowers at Quincy Bog Natural Area

…and other amazing sights – look up!

Trees at Quincy Bog Natural Area in Rumney, New Hampshire

We followed the pathway to the right – because we’re like that. The “normal” way to go is to the left, but we heard the beavers were active – but we didn’t get to see any. Boo-hoo! Walking the bog by taking the trail to the right will bring you past the beaver dams first.

A Beaver Dam at Quincy Bog

..and then this big beaver dam near the foot bridge which crosses at the far end of the bog.

Quincy Bog Beaver Dams

Just past this beaver dam, you’ll find a foot bridge which is quite long and very wobbly! There are rope rails but don’t count on them to catch you from falling into the bog – walk carefully and keep your balance!

Foot Bridge To Cross Quincy Bog

Don’t forget to stop in the middle of the bridge to scope out the lily pads!

Quincy Bog Natural Area Lily Pads

And the view!

Mountain Views from Quincy Bog in Rumney, NH

We continued on around the bog, and took a small detour off to the left which brings you to “The Point”. You may not be able to tell, but in the picture above, The Point is way-way off in the distance in the middle of the right side of the picture with a couple of bare trees pointing straight up at the sky. It’s a peninsula of land which jets out into the center of the bog.

I don’t want to forget to mention, there are benches located along the trail, maybe at 4 or 5 different locations. We took a break and had our picnic lunch on the bench at The Point!

Quincy Bog, Bench at The Point

Continuing on the trail, on the far side of the bog, you’ll notice the walkway becomes a little less obvious as you make your way through the forest. However, there are blazes on the trees to help you keep your way.

Quincy Bog Walking Path in Rumney, NH

We were hoping to see a moose or bear off in the distance, but no such luck. However, we did find a couple of big moose hoof prints right on the trail. It must have passed through just a couple of hours before we did – they were fresh!

Moose Tracks Found at Quincy Bog

…and thank Katie for being a shoe model! The tracks were more clear in person than they are on camera, but they were there – so cool!

Moose Track Compared to Foot

We were excited to see a moose track and kept our eyes extra peeled, because moose can be dangerous – they are HUGE and not an animal to sneak up on. It looked like it was headed in the opposite direction as we were anyways.

At this point we were about 3/4 of the way around the bog. Of course all along the way we were snapping photos and keep an eye out for wildlife, flowers and sights.

Quincy Bog, Rumney New Hampshire

Since we turned right as we entered the bog, we’ll be walking the plank walkways towards the end of our visit. If you turned left at the beginning of the bog, you’d be walking these plank walkways first.

Plank Walkways at Quincy Bog

The cool sights never end at Quincy Bog, I tell ya!

Quincy Bog Natural Area Sight Seeing

Some of the walkways are narrow and pass over water, so mind your step!

Quincy Bog Wood Plank Walkways

After passing over this foot bridge, we rounded the corner, where off in the distance we saw a great blue heron! This is where we bumped into the only other person at the bog. She was bird watching and picture taking.

Great Blue Heron at Quincy Bog, Rumney NH

She told us this is where the great blue heron can often be found hanging out and fishing! We spent about 30 minutes watching the heron, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see it scoop up a fish. It must have been full from breakfast! haha It was a very cool sight to see nonetheless!

Great Blue Heron at Quincy Bog Natural Area

After watching this awesome bird for awhile we walked the rest of the trail which took us out to exactly where we began, at the nature center building! It was a nice little walk with a lot to see. We’ll be back for sure!

Quincy Bog Nature Walk in New Hampshire

If you’re looking for a nice nature walk in New Hampshire I would certainly suggest checking out Quincy Bog, it’s a fairly easy walk – some roots and rocks to climb over, and several narrow bridges to traverse, but overall quite easy. Don’t bring a stroller or big cooler – you’ll be disappointed. But it is a fun and easy walk with a lot of nature to see!

Where will the summer roads take you?

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