Holiday guests are on their way and you need to get your guest bedroom ready – STAT! A little elbow grease and prep work will make your guest bedroom shine and make your guests stay more enjoyable. Check out these tips and tricks for preparing your guest room for company during the holiday season.

How to prepare your guest bedroom for holiday guests! Tips and tricks to make your guests more comfortable during the holiday season!

Prepare Your Guest Bedroom

Are you storing stuff in your guest bedroom? Clean it out! Often when a guest room is not used we have a tendency to use it as a catch-all and drop piles of crap in there.

Rather than making your holiday guests sleep with your junk, clean the bedroom out. Toss anything you haven’t used that can’t be donated, and donate the rest to a local thrift store or charity.

Prepare your guest room for holiday guests with these easy tips and tricks!

Clean it up! Guest rooms are not used often but still gather dust and become stale. However, changing the bedding, spraying fabrics with Febreze and wiping everything down with a dust-rag can go a long ways. Clean the hardwood or run the vacuum, and give mirrors and picture frames a quick wipe-down. These small tasks take only a few minutes but will make a noticeable difference to your holiday guests!

Guest Welcome Basket

Leave a basket of goodies to make life easier and more comfortable for your guests. Travel size toiletries, soaps, hand towels, and other essentials is a great way to ensure guests will have what they need. Aside from the welcome basket, don’t forget to leave a good book and the wi-fi password on the freshly made bed to help your guests feel more relaxed at night.

Food and Drinks

Grab a case of water to leave in your guest room along with snacks. A fruit and cheese basket is something to consider.

Guest bedroom food for holiday guests.

Your guests having snacks and water that they know is for them will make things less stressful if they get hungry in the middle of the night. They can just snack on what is in their room!

Guest Bathroom

If there’s a bathroom attached to your guest room, don’t forget to clean and check everything in there too! Make sure the toilet flushes, the shower works, the bathtub drains and the sink isn’t stopped up!

Preparing guest room for guests.

Besides those few things, you’ll want to make sure there’s a plunger waiting for your guests – you never know and you really don’t want your guests embarrassed that they clogged up the toilet!

The Little Things

Do a final walk through and check the little things. Besides leaving things to make your guests comfortable, you want to check things like the door to make sure it doesn’t squeak/ Make sure the light bulbs all work, and the alarm clock is set to the right time.

How to prepare your guest room for holiday guests.

Perhaps checking the curtains to make sure they’re blocking out the morning sunlight in case your guests want to sleep in. Did you open and dust the radiator or heating/cooling vents?

You’ll be able to relax knowing your guests have everything they need right in their room!

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