Paint Bar Fun

Sip and Paint Paintings

We saw this ad for a ‘paint bar’ thing coming up and thought it would be nice to get out of the house and do something, like a date night! So we did, we went to this little podunk restaurant in town where a lady had set up a ‘paint bar’ for the night, sort of redneckish type deal, but hey, it was fun!

Paint Bar Experience

Have you ever been to a paint bar? We don’t have a “paint bar” per se, we have a painter who goes to little restaurants and sets up a paint bar – perhaps that’s normal? I don’t know – I’ve never been to one. We were expecting it to be a little different though. I think the venue kind-of spoiled the fun. The sign up sheet indicated we would be able to have drinks and a bite to eat, so we planned on having a small dinner. Unfortunately, that was made impossible by lack of space.

I think the only thing we didn’t like was the venue, or the way the venue was set up. We had 4 people to each tiny pub table, the easels were spaced only about 1/2 inch apart and with the water, paint, brushes, towels etc.. there was no room left to put your drinks or food. We ended up ordering nachos in hopes they came out before painting begun, alas, they did not. We ended up balancing them on our laps… We were planning on splitting a burger, but..ha! No.

The restaurant must have lost revenue, no one wanted to order because of the lack of space. We ended up splitting a soda later on because there was only room to squeeze one glass into our area. Yea, the venue kind-of spoiled things a bit. /rant

Paint Bar

After doing the nacho balancing act, we finally got down to painting and it was fun! The instructor was okay. I think most people took queue and went off on their own because she would say one thing and do something completely different – like “use just the very tipity corner of your brush” as she was clearly using the entire brush… The paint bar experience lasted about 2 hours or so. It really got us thinking about maybe picking up some easels and paints and hitting YouTube for some instructional videos and stuff – perhaps give this painting stuff a try at home!! 🙂

As you can see from the paintings above, we did end up with 1/2 way decent paintings though! The first one is mine and the second one was Katie’s (she made a snowman in hers!). It was neat, and a little frustrating since we hadn’t picked up a paint brush since, ohhhhh I duno, Kindergarten? We’d like to do it again, but we’ll know not to show up to the restaurant hungry. lol

Have you ever been to a paint bar? Was it fun?

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