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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Andrew and I’m a native of New England. Currently living in New Hampshire I love to travel everywhere, cook everything, and build things without a plan.

Easy recipes, quick bites, fun travel adventures, and occasional DIY projects are what you’ll find here.

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DIY Projects: Are Dangers Lurking In Your Home?

What dangers are lurking in your home improvement project? Some DIYs require the assistance of a professional. Hiring someone to abate asbestos and lead paint is your best option. Learn more about the dangers that may be lurking in your home DIY project.

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Clay Pot Garden Sculpture Race Car Craft

Make this clay pot garden race car sculpture and you’ll laugh so hard the neighbors will think you belong at the funny farm! It’s real easy to do and it’ll look great in your garden, mulch bed, or just staring at your neighbors from a distance!

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DIY Projects

Discover home improvement and DIY projects.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Get your home ready for winter with this list of 5 home maintenance items. This fall home maintenance checklist outlines a few things you need to be doing to prepare your home for the harsh winter ahead. Plus, I’m sharing how Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotic Inserts help reduce my lower back pain while working around the house.

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Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

Tired of boring St. Patrick’s Day dishes? Say HELLO to stuffed cabbage! You’ve got to make this stuffed cabbage dish over the weekend and tell me how much you loved it, because we sure do!

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Discover fun destinations and entertainment.

Walt Disney World Swan Resort

If you haven't guessed, we love going to Disney World and I love reporting on it here on the blog. It's a special place to visit and while many people think where you stay doesn't matter, I would beg to differ. We LOVED the Walt Disney World Swan Resort! Our first...

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ESPN Club at Disney’s BoardWalk

OMG GUYS, the ESPN Club rocks! While we were staying at the Disney World Swan Resort, we walked over to Disney's BoardWalk almost every day to grab a bite to eat, watch the fireworks and just hang out near the water. Our favorite restaurant was hands down the ESPN...

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Halloween at Disney World

Have you ever been to Disney World during Halloween? Well, we have and it’s so awesome. All of the decorations around the park are fun and exciting.

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