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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Andrew and I’m a native of New England. Currently living in New Hampshire I love to travel everywhere, cook everything, and build things without a plan.

Easy recipes, quick bites, fun travel adventures, and occasional DIY projects are what you’ll find here.

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Mint Cookies Loaded with M&M’s for Santa!

Mint chocolate chip cookies around the holiday are always welcomed at our house, especially when they’re chock full of M&M’s! We found holiday Mint M&M’s and used those in our cookies instead of just chocolate chips. We also used white chocolate chips, so these Christmas cookies are delicious and don’t last long!

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Lemon Garlic Broccolini – Holiday Side Dish Recipe!

Broccolini Recipe! Check out this EASY lemon garlic broccolini recipe and serve it as a side dish at your next gathering! Perfect for holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving, Christmas or even cook it on the barbecue in the summertime! It’s a well rounded side dish that everyone will love.

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Grill Ribs Fast + Low Sugar BBQ Sauce Recipe

It’s grilling time and today we’re grilling delicious Smithfield Extra Tender Pork St Louis Style Ribs and making a delicious low sugar orange BBQ sauce and mop sauce! Plus, we have a sugar free BBQ rub for you as well. Come join us for a wonderful backyard barbecue!

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Forget Road Rage: Grab a SNICKERS®

Do you get a touch of road rage when you're hungry? Perhaps you make a not so pleasant gesture when someone cuts you off in traffic. Maybe you cuss up a storm when someone sits a little (or a lot) too long at a green light. Who are you when you're...

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