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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Andrew and I’m a native of New England. Currently living in New Hampshire I love to travel everywhere, cook everything, and build things without a plan.

Easy recipes, quick bites, fun travel adventures, and occasional DIY projects are what you’ll find here.

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DIY Halloween Ghost & Winter Snowman

This Halloween and winter decor piece is a great little DIY project to add to your front steps. On one side of this DIY decor piece, you'll be making a Halloween ghost. On the other side, you'll be making a winter snowman! Once Halloween is over, flip it around and...

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Simple DIY Pallet Wood Coat Rack

Hey yall, it's time to get out the pallet wood and build an easy coat rack! You can hang this one on the wall in your hallway, breezeway, mud room, garage - heck hang it where ever you want to! This DIY pallet wood coat rack should only take you 15 minute to toss...

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DIY 2×4 Garage Shelving

My garage organization game wasn't very strong, so I needed to do something to help myself get organized. A DIY 2x4 garage shelving unit was definitely in order! Have you wondered how to build garage shelves from 2x4s? Look no further. This 8 foot long 2x4 shelving...

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How To Grill Hot Dogs

Wondering how to grill hot dogs? Do you want to conquer your grilling skills this year? That starts with the basics, like grilling the perfect hot dog! Grilling hot dogs is pretty easy to do, and you’ll get the hang of it real quick.

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4th of July Dinner Date

Nothing says 4th of July like a barbecue! This year we’re doing something a little special; an Independence Day dinner date right in our own backyard!

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Easy Four Bean Salad

Beans beans the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot! We've all heard the saying, but is it true? Who knows! Either way, today we're whipping up a delicious recipe for 4 bean salad! It's easy to make and will be a perfect side for your summer BBQ...

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Forget Road Rage: Grab a SNICKERS®

Do you get a touch of road rage when you're hungry? Perhaps you make a not so pleasant gesture when someone cuts you off in traffic. Maybe you cuss up a storm when someone sits a little (or a lot) too long at a green light. Who are you when you're...

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