Recently I had the opportunity to visit California on business. Katie and I had never been to California, and you know how she’s such a big part of my blog, I got her a ticket to the Social Fabric conference and she came along with me. We were in Long Beach, California for a couple of days and then spent two days visiting Hollywood, California. We didn’t have a ton of time in each place, but I wanted to share our experience and share a few things we were able to do while we were there.

Our quick trip to Long Beach California! See what we packed into our Long Beach trip in just two days!

Our first stop on our California trip was in Long Beach, where we spent two days. This is where we attended the Social Fabric influencer conference. This was a educational conference for bloggers and social influencers like myself. Aside from the conference, we also had the opportunity to do a few touristy things too.

Aquarium of the Pacific

As the conference was within walking distance of the Aquarium of the Pacific, we couldn’t not go there!

Visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific

The aquarium was a fun destination to explore with everything you’d expect at a world class aquarium. We especially liked the jellyfish exhibits!

Jellyfish at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California

Make sure you pick up a pamphlet/book when you walk in, there was a stand about 30 feet in, right in the middle of the main hallway. This will have all the show times for the various shows, like the scuba divers which dive into the big tank and other fun shows. Wonder through the aquarium, go inside, outside and make sure you stamp all of the exhibit pages in your book! There’s a stamping station at each exhibit.

Rainbow Harbor Tour

As you walk the dock area by the harbor, you’ll see all sorts of different vendor stands. One of the stands was for the harbor tour and whale watching tours. We grabbed a couple of tickets and off we went…

A view of Long Beach, California from Rainbow Harbor

The tour takes you around Rainbow Harbor. The guide talks about all the points of interest including the Queen Mary, history of Long Beach, the oil islands, the shipping port and more. It was a fun, and educational trip around the harbor.

Long Beach California, Queen Mary as seen from the Harbor Tour

Plus, we got to see dolphins swimming next to the boat (watch the video – language warning). As Katie said, the ladies next to us were a little confused… “It’s a whale!” 🙂

Walking The Waterfront

If you’re within walking distance of the aquarium, make sure you walk the waterfront. Walk the dock area and check out all the boats. Besides the harbor tour, there are a lot of vendors with drink and food stands, places to snag a new pair of sun glasses, suntan lotion and souvenirs.

Cool boat we saw while walking the dock at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach California

The harbor is full of awesome boats and a lot of fun stuff to see, so take a little walk. Or if you prefer, you can find a bike rental stand and hop on a bicycle to ride round!

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency because the conference we were attending had a group rate, which was more affordable than the cheap-o chain hotels back home – so that was cool!


Between the Hyatt Regency Long Beach and the Convention Center next door (which by the way is NOT the aquarium – haha) is a little lagoon, I think they called it Rainbow lagoon – which makes sense because the harbor is Rainbow Harbor… Rainbow lagoon is a nice place to take your morning walks or just hang out and enjoy the California sunshine!

Rainbow Lagoon Long Beach California

We were only in Long Beach for two days, then it was off to Hollywood!

Have you been to Long Beach?

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