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Kitchen Makeover


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As many of you know – we bought a house a few months ago. We did some cosmetic updates before moving in, the kitchen was among those updates. Today, I’m finally getting around to sharing our kitchen makeover with you. This is what Katie and I accomplished in about a week.

The basic overview:

  1. Paint the cabinets
  2. Sheetrock and paint the ceiling
  3. Tile the floors
  4. Refinished the counter tops
  5. Replace light fixtures
  6. Turn whole wall into 1/2 wall
  7. Re-design section of cabinetry for conventional range

We re-designed an area in the kitchen that was virtually unusable. The cooktop and in-wall oven that came with the house were – lets be nice and say – “original 1964 beauties”. Well, they didn’t fit with our vision and probably didn’t work well – we didn’t dare test them! (lol). So, the cook-top came out to be replaced with a regular freestanding range and we replaced the wall oven with a couple of shelves and doors to match the rest of the kitchen, making a food pantry cabinet.

We also turned a small doorway and wall into a nice 1/2 wall, opening the house up and allowing the light from the living room into the kitchen, as well as allowing the light from the kitchen to illuminate the hallway. It made the kitchen and hallway much more open and enjoyable. When we first walked into the house on a showing, creating the 1/2 wall was the first thing I said we needed to do, and I was right – it looks fantastic and we couldn’t imagine not having done it.

OK – Ready for some photos?

I didn’t mention, we also pulled up the carpet throughout the house to find beautiful oak hardwood floors – so we had plenty of pink carpet to lay out on the garage floor to paint the cabinet doors on top of. 🙂

Painting the cabinet doors and drawers:

Painting The Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Replacing the old linoleum flooring with nice new tile!

Kitchen Makeover Tile Floors

Here’s the kitchen cabinets before and after! Also, note that the counter tops have been refinished from a 60’s yellow-weird design (hard to see in the top photo – but it was ugly!) to a nice brown granite finish, the sheetrock on the ceiling has been done, the painting on the ceiling and walls have been finished and the light fixture has been replaced too:

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops Finished - Kitchen Makeover

Here’s a photo compilation of the full wall dividing the hallway from the kitchen turned into a 1/2 wall. Also note the new light fixture and refrigerator. Don’t mind the toilet – that was another project we completed that night.

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Some people say when you buy a house you change two things – the locks and the toilet seats – we just changed the whole damn toilet.. But seriously, we replaced the original water-wasting 1960’s yellow toilet with a nice new American Standard water saving Toilet:

Kitchen Re-do, whole wall to half wall

And the last picture to share with you is the transformation of the area where there was a 1960’s cooktop and in wall oven. We ripped out the base cabinets, replaced them with 2 small cabinets to flank the range. We capped the new cabinets with granite (not shown). We installed an electric freestanding range (we had an electrician make sure the wiring was good, he installed a new 220 outlet for the range) and a new hood vent/light combo. We made two doors and a couple of shelves for where we pulled out the wall oven – turning that into a food pantry cabinet. Also note the doorway in the photo, that’s the full wall we turned into a half wall as seen in the previous picture.

Kitchen Redesign, removing wall oven and cook top

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at our kitchen redesign!

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Bonus Pictures!

You might be asking yourself, where’s Scrappy? Here I am deconstructing the wall… 🙂

Scrappy making a half wall

Also notice the green carpet in the background (living room and hallway). The bedrooms were pink! We tore up the carpet and found these…. After a good cleaning they looked pretty decent!

Oak Floors Found Under Carpet

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