New England fall foliage road trip season is here! It’s time to travel and see the colorful leaves and beautiful scenery throughout New England. While Mother Nature has been rather unpredictable these days, usually the peak of New England Fall foliage hits in different months in the states. If you are thinking about planning a Fall foliage road trip then continue reading for some tips on when and where to go.

Fall Foliage Road Trip Through New England! Break out your GPS and let's travel through New England to see all the fall leaves and wonderful autumn scenery!

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Peak Season

You will find that New England Fall foliage peaks from the top of New England down the states in order. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont peak foliage season around the last week of September through the first week or two in October.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island Peak Season

In this area of New England, the Fall foliage peaks around the three day holiday weekend of Columbus Day. While this can’t be guaranteed, overall that should be the best time to take a New England Fall foliage road trip in these three New England states.

Maine Fall Foliage Road Trip

Route 17 is a great route to check out New England Fall foliage in Maine. You can visit Grafton Notch State Park near Richardson Lake and Bigelow Preserve to witness the most beautiful Fall foliage in the state. Route 27/16 is also another good route for a Fall foliage road trip in Maine.

New Hampshire Fall Foliage Road Trip

The best place to take a Fall foliage road trip in New Hampshire would be the Kancamangus Highway (route 112) which goes from Lincoln to Conway. This is the White Mountains area where you can see mountains full of colorful Fall foliage around the start of October.

New England Fall Foliage Road Trip

Vermont Fall Foliage Road Trip

The Green Mountain Byway which is also known as Vermont Route 100 has the best views of Fall foliage in the state. You will enjoy a trip passed many farms and other Vermont scenery as you venture towards Scenic Vermont route 125. With maple trees and lots of open land, you will be able to witness tons of foliage.

Massachusetts Fall Foliage Road Trip

Travel through the artsy towns of Williamstown and North Adams when you take Route 2 to follow the Mohawk Trail through the Berkshires. Included in this Massachusetts Fall foliage road trip is a 160-foot long covered bridge on route 8A, which always makes a gorgeous Fall foliage photo opp.

Fall foliage on bench

Connecticut Fall Foliage Road Trip

The lower Connecticut Valley on Route 9 is your best option at checking out the New England Fall foliage this year. Take a trip on the Essex Steam Train to experience Connecticut Fall foliage in a whole new way. This scenic train ride will allow you to see more pretty leaves than you may see on your car road trip.

New England Pumpkin Patch

Rhode Island Fall Foliage Road Trip

There are many locations in Rhode Island to tour for a Fall foliage road trip experience. To start you can visit the Roger Willams Park & Zoo in Providence or perhaps drive along Route 1 and 1A from Westerly to Wickford. You will benefit from this road trip around October with foliage cruises offered in mid-October.

So break out your GPS and let’s hit the roads of New England! We’ve given you a head start on your fall foliage road trip throughout New England, when you should go and tips on where you can experience New England Fall foliage this year. Make a plan, get the travel path set and enjoy a little road trip with your loved ones this season.

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