While we were in California we spent some time in Long Beach, went on a Hollywood tour, spent a day at Universal Studios Hollywood and of course, we visited the Los Angeles Zoo. Our trip to the zoo was fun. I think it’s safe to say the LA Zoo was a typical city zoo. It was a fun way to spend a few hours!

Does the Los Angeles Zoo have cool animals? You bet they do! Check out the photos of these cool zoo animals we found hanging out at the Los Angeles Zoo!

The Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles zoo was fun to visit and all the animals were fun to see and watch. I did prefer the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans over the Los Angeles Zoo, though. The Los Angeles Zoo was less open and there seemed to be a lot of chained link fencing caging the animals in, whereas the New Orleans zoo was much more open feeling for both the animals and humans.

The Los Angeles Zoo Entrance

Here are some photos from the Los Angeles Zoo, in no particular order.


Zebras are always fun to see at the zoo! There were a handful of zebras in the enclosure. It was feeding time so they were all lined up against the back wall chowing down.

Zebras at the Los Angeles Zoo


One thing we didn’t expect to see was a meerkat habitat. This guy was up bright and early sitting on top of a big rock!

A meerkat at the Los Angeles Zoo.


There were quite a few giraffes at the Los Angeles Zoo. While we were there they were feeding them, and allowing people to feed them – that was neat!

This giraffe’s face though…

Giraffe face picture at Los Angeles Zoo

A few more…

Giraffes at the Los Angeles Zoo

Apparently this one was thirsty…

One Giraffe Drinking Another Giraffe's Pee


Do all kangaroos act so cool? These LA Zoo kangaroos certainly had some swagger going on…

Kangaroos at the LA Zoo

Especially this guy…

A Kangaroo at the LA Zoo in Los Angeles California


This gorilla was almost as cool as the kangaroos.

Gorilla Exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo

Mr. Gorilla went to grab a snack…

A Gorilla at the Los Angeles Zoo

This rhino was perhaps the hardest to spot. Not because the enclosure was hard to see into, but because of the family that was hogging the viewing area (haha).

A Rhinoceros at the Los Angeles Zoo.


I saved the smelliest for last. Flamingos stink! It was the same at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo. For some reason at both zoos, they put the flamingo enclosure at the beginning of the exhibit – and they stink!

Pink Flamingos at the Los Angeles Zoo

We have a million pictures of the zoo and I could post them all day long, but you’ll just have to visit to see the rest of the animals! It was a fun way to spend a few hours — it took about 3 hours or so to wind our way through the zoo. It wasn’t very well marked and was a tad confusing – the map helped us find all the enclosures.

Make sure to check out our New Orleans Audubon Zoo experience while you’re here!

New Orleans Audubon Zoo

Do you have a favorite zoo?

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