Irish Spring Signature – For Those Long, Dirty Days!

Cbias Scrappy GeekIrish Spring Signature Body Wash and Bar SoapHave you ever had one of those days where you just can’t wait to hop in a nice hot shower and clean up? Me too. I’ve recently discovered the new Irish Spring Signature For Men series body wash and bar soap at Walmart – and put it to the test. This new Irish Spring Signature is great. #MySignatureMove #CollectiveBias

Irish Spring Signature Body Wash and Bar Soap

I love to take care of projects around the house. Whether it’s an outdoor project, building a desk or making something from recycled junk, I’m always doing something, getting my hands dirty, getting things done, and making a mess in the process. Well, spring is just about here and I’ve got a few things to do, including cleaning out the garage…ugh

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We’re in New England, and our garage is not heated. Which means my workshop area is used very sparingly during the winter. In turn, it becomes a catch-all for everything and anything, you know how that goes. We’ve managed to fill the space with all sorts of stuff – from cardboard boxes that Christmas presents came in to household junk we may or may not put in a yard sale some day.

Cleaning up after cleaning up with Irish Spring

Of course the workshop area doesn’t go completely unused during the winter. I did freeze my butt off cutting and sanding wood for our new office and craft space. So, naturally I didn’t clean that mess up either – it can wait until the temps get above 35 degrees…which is right about now.

So, now that we’re seeing the temperatures rise and bring us into spring, and the days are getting longer and warmer – it’s time to get dirty and clean up this mess. It’s not going to be fun, or pleasant and God knows what has taken shelter in the unused corners of the garage while winter was bearing down on us. There always seems to be a few field mice who find their way into the garage for the winter – so that mess had to be cleaned up too. Gag!

Cleaning the Garage, Washing up with Irish Spring

Irish Spring Signature for Men

After cleaning up all the crap (literally and figuratively) in the garage – how do I get clean? With Irish Spring Signature. The Irish Spring Signature for Men soap and body wash does the trick to get the garage stink off in no time. Keep an Irish Spring MAN Sized bar of soap by the sink for quick wash ups while you’re taking a break, and keep body wash or bar soap in the shower to clean up after a long day at work, or working around the house.

Irish Spring Signature Soap and Body Wash for Men

Irish Spring makes two kinds of each, the Man Sized bar soap and the body wash. They have “Hydrating” and “3-in-1 Body, Hair and Face”. For the MAN SIZED bar soap, they have “Hydrating” and “Exfoliating Scrub”. I don’t know about exfoliating scrub for your skin – but it’s the type of soap you’d use to get the crud off your hands – and it works good too.

Irish Spring Signature Men's Soap and Body Wash

After a long day at work or a long day around the house, the New Irish Spring Signature Men’s Body Wash and MAN SIZED bar soap has you covered. It’s time to call it a day.

Purchase one of the new Irish Spring Signature products and get $5 off a VUDU purchase! Take a picture of your receipt and then go to to upload your receipt. Next step, enjoy watching!

7 thoughts on “Irish Spring Signature – For Those Long, Dirty Days!”

  1. I am such a fan of the scent of Irish Spring! There is nothing more appealing than when my husband washes up with this stuff!
  2. I've used their bar soap for decades, but didn't realize they now had a scrub. I usually grab my wife's, but would love to have a bottle for myself.
  3. Field mouse mess *gag* That's probably a pretty big undertaking, no? I'm glad you've found something that gets all the grime off and doesn't leave you feeling like a vase full of flowers. :) #client

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