Implement Google Authorship Using All In One SEO

Implement Google Authorship Markup

The All In One SEO plugin for WordPress makes it ultra simple to implement Google Authorship. Google Authorship will help your website rank higher in Google search. Why? Well, because Google loves people who use Google products! How does one go about implementing Google Authorship Markup using the All In One SEO plugin? Follow these steps.

1. Add your website to your Google Plus profile

Head over to Google Plus and login. Hover over “Home” on the left side, click “Profile”. Then click the “About” tab just below your photo. After clicking the About tab, scroll down and find “Links”, click Edit. Go to the Contributor section and add your website there by selecting ‘Add Custom Link”.

2. Grab your Google Plus Profile link

While logged in to Google Plus, hover over “Home” and then hover over “Profile”. Right click on “Profile” and “Copy link Address”

3. Connect Google Plus with All In One SEO

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to All In One SEO ► General Settings on the left side of your screen. Scroll down until you reach the section labeled “Google Settings”. Paste the Google Plus link that you copied in step 2 into the field labeled “Google Plus Default Profile”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update Options”.

4. Verify Google Authorship is working

Go to your site and copy the URL of any post that you’ve published. Now use the Google Structured Data Tool by pasting your post URL into the tool and clicking preview. You should see your Google Plus profile image next to the post text in the search result preview. *This is just a preview tool, Google search results will take some time to start showing the Authorship Markup.

Congratulations, you’ve implemented Google Authorship Markup for your blog or website!


  • Your Author name should read exactly the same as your Google Plus profile name.
  • Use a crisp clear, centered photo of your face that takes up the whole image box for your Google Plus profile picture.
  • Google Authorship for Multi-user WordPress sites

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