Weekly Winners Lucky Loser

I’m the lucky loser who won this awesome black and cherry rocking chair from Harris Family Furniture! Yes, Lucky Loser. I won this chair in a contest that was titled “Weekly Winners, Lucky Loser”. I don’t think many people understood the concept of the contest, which greatly increased my chances of winning the grand prize, the rocking chair.

You see, each week (for 3 consecutive weeks) the furniture store posted a trivia question on their Facebook page. Each person who answered the question correctly was entered to win that weeks prize. One week was a Candle another weeks was a Mattress Topper and the final week was a Table Lamp. You see, I never had a shot at winning any of those prizes. Why? Because I read the rules!

The rules stated, only incorrect answers would be entered to win the grand prize rocking chair. As usual, most people like to be know-it-alls and give the correct answer to simple trivia questions. Some even replied to those few who posted wrong answers with rude comments (doh!).

Well, out of the 100’s of answers, there were only a handful of incorrect answers, meaning only a handful of people were entered to win the grand prize. I played every week, which means I had a great chance of winning. Add in the fact that my lovely Katie also entered – and I bet we had a 50% chance of winning (yes, that few amount of people read the rules and guessed incorrectly)!

Anyways – we won a chair! We bought a second chair while we’re claiming our prize. Previously, we bought a sofa at this store and were happy with the purchase – why not grab a Lay-Z-Boy too?

So, who wants to see photos?

Winning Rocking Chair

The Black and Cherry Rocking Chair.

Lay-Z-Boy Recliner

Lay-Z-Boy Recliner and Turbo posting claim to the new chair.

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