I’m a Yummly Publisher!

Did you know, I’m a publisher on Yummly.com. What does this mean? This means my blog’s recipes get shared over on Yummly, which helps my blog get more exposure! Did you know you can join and “yum” my recipes, too? It’s easy!

Scrappy Geek on Yummly

What does this mean?

When you yum a recipe on my blog, it will save to your recipe box so you can easily find it and come back to it later! You can save recipes from my blog, or any other blog you find an awesome recipe on! It’s the easiest to use recipe bookmark site I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, and I urge you to sign up!

It takes 2 seconds to sign up with your social media account (Facebook or Twitter) and when you hit the Yum button on my, or any other blog, it saves the recipe instantaneously – it’s very streamlined!

So go ahead, visit my recipes, click the Yum button and Yum away!

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