CavemenAwoken by the sound of a town plow truck, December 30th, 2013 was about to be one of the most terrifying days of my entire life. The skies were mostly cloudy with a few snow flakes left falling from the previous nights snow storm. The power was on, however it has been flickering all night…

Flickering LightsThere was a fresh 8 inches of heavy wet snow coating the ground, the roofs, the deck, the walks, roads and driveways. To our horror, as we turn on the television to catch the 6:20 am forecast we realize that the cable is out. Oh no! QUICK check the internet! AAAH! And the phone?? Holy crap, our triple play is DEAD! We stumble around the house like zombies trying to preparing for the day, unable to check our emails – get our facebook notifications or play Words with Friends… The world seems to be out of balance.

Snow Storm

I’m about to find out what it’s like to be shut off from the world for the next 13 hours. OH MY GOD. It’s like I was living in a modern day cave. The phone didn’t ring once, there was no echo of a TV in the background and there was no internet, no blogging, no tweeting, no games… I actually dug through my computer to find something to do. I found Solitaire and Mahjong! I think the last time I played Solitaire was in 1998 on my old Packard Bell computer.

Comcast Triple Play

During the day I slowly descended into a state of denial, I can’t tell you how many times I sat down at the computer and opened up Chrome, thinking that even if the modem light was still blinking, there must be internet! “I’ll just check anyway.”

Mad thoughts crossed my mind. Comcast is evil — IT’S A TRAP! They’ve drawn me in! How can I be so foolish to sink all my eggs into one basket. The Triple Play has me by the bollocks! They hooked me with the “even if your power goes out, you’ll still have phone!” Well, what if my cable goes out??? You have nothing! aah!

It's A TrapShould we switch services for some stuff? Should we go with the slightly slower DSL in order to assure that we’re not tossed back into the day of the dinosaurs when our Comcast service decides to shit the bed? Perhaps we should split our services to ensure we have at least one line to the outside world at all times? Go with…dare I say it…Satellite  Television?

Satellite Jason 2 in SpaceOk, maybe this whole post was an exaggeration of my day without Internet, Television and Home Phone. Truth be told I checked my facebook from the cellphone.. Played with Turbo, listened to music and took care of a few things around the house. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day – it was fairly productive. However, not as productive as you would think for someone who doesn’t have TV or Internet (lol).

Turbo Playing

As it turns out, a plow truck took out a telephone pole which knocked out a major line for the cable to several towns. So, it wasn’t just us, and it wasn’t even just a local issue. The odd thing is, our plow guy never came back to pick up his money? Hmm I hope he’s ok…

Mr Plow



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