Making a Craft Table and DeskOur office was a mess, unorganized and practically useless, know the feeling? We decided to make a crafting table and office desk combination. A place for myself to work and a place for Katie to do some sewing, painting, scrap booking… or whatever craft project she wishes. Okay, now we know what we want to do – how do we get started?

Crafting Table & Home Office

As you know from reading my blog, I’m pretty crafty and can do pretty much any diy project I put my mind to. We’ve done several things to the new house like installing a patio and remodeling the bathroom, among other projects. Tackling an office and crafting station can’t be too bad right? Right!


The first thing we needed to do was decide how we wanted the craft table and office desk laid out, and which layout would work best for our needs. We browsed the interwebs and saw a bunch of cool ideas, but none that were really practical. We are working with a 10′ x 10′ space, so slapping a 6′ x 6′ craft table in the middle of the room wouldn’t leave any space to walk around.

We decided to go with a T shaped table, extending the entire length of the room with a 60″ bump out. This works perfect for us since we can each have a seating area and corner of the room for ourselves. We can ‘split’ the center desk area when we need to, but we likely wont be using the room at the same time very often — hopefully on occasion, though!

Built in craft table and desk


What colors should we use? Oh boy. We’re the kind of people who don’t do tons of color or pop in our decor. Our walls are a light cappuccino color, white ceilings, beige tile in the bathrooms. Really, not a whole lot of oomph anywhere in our house.

With that in mind, we decided to go big, bold and RED. We chose a Glidden Geranium High Gloss paint for the craft table top and a Rust-Olium Universal Gloss Black spray paint for the legs and trim boards. After priming and giving everything a couple coats of paint, we covered the desktop, legs and trim with 4 coats of Minwax Gloss Polycrylic, which dries hard – great for work surfaces. All of which we got at The Home Depot, my favorite store in the world.

Making a Craft Room

Craft Room Storage

Right now we don’t have many things that we need storage area for.  So we didn’t focus a whole lot on the craft room storage aspect of things. There is a closet in the room and we’ll probably use that for storing some things. As you can see in the pictures, we also bought two Martha Stewart Storage Cubes and some storage bins to store craft supplies and things like that.

Originally, we read online that a good height for a craft table was 36″. We were planning on using the Martha Stewart office storage cubes under the table, but that was way too high for our liking. So, rather than putting the storage cubes underneath, they went on top, and look quite nice if I do say so myself!

Craft Station and Home Office


We bought everything we needed at Home Depot, including this sweet set of stools. The top of the craft table is made from pre-cut project panels, very cool and easy to use. A lot easier than cutting plywood in the garage when it’s 10 degrees outside! Yes, I’m writing this in the wintertime.

We used various sizes of trim boards to give the desk depth (6″ on the back wall, 3″ on the side and 2″ skirting the table). For the legs we used 2″ round dowels cut to fit, painted with gloss black spray paint and 4 coats of Polycrylic – they look like metal legs now! Make sure not to forget to get things like screws, finish nails and a hole plate (for your cords to come up through).

Of course your material list will be completely different than ours and depend on your design and vision, size of your space etc… If you’d like help composing a list, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out the best that I can!

The Home Depot makes it easy to shop online & pick up in store. It’s like having a personal shopper. They’ll even help you load it into your vehicle, just ask!


You’re never done decorating, and of course as we just finished the room – I’m sure there will be more decoration to come in the next few weeks. I did get this cool wall decal on Amazon. You can see it in the image at the top of this page. It came with an extra smaller decal that also says “Dream Believe Discover”. Katie has taken that one to work for her office there – yay!

Home Office & Craft Room

There you have it. Our home office, craft room diy project. It was fun, a bit challenging – but nothing you can’t handle. One thing about DIY projects is you need to make the time to do it, you need to not stop doing it (or you’ll end up with a 1/2 finished project forever) and you need to plan everything out from design to colors to materials. Have everything ready to go and you’ll be done in no time!

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