How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

How To Drive Traffic To Your BlogToday we’re going to share with you our top 6 ways to drive traffic to your blog. Driving traffic to your blog is not always easy, especially if you do a crappy job of promoting yourself. One thing bloggers must be good at is self promotion. If you don’t actively promote your blog, you likely wont see much traffic. OK, so some bloggers who don’t promote make it ‘big’ but that’s like waiting for the right lotto numbers to come up. So, lets make your blog more friendly to visitors and if you use these  6 tips listed below, you’ll likely see an increase in traffic!

1. Advertise

Yea, I said it – the easiest thing to do if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket is advertise your blog. You can use Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook Promotion, Twitter Ads etc.

Get Free Advertising if you have a product or service. If you have a product or service that you’re selling, I suggest signing up as an Advertiser with an ad network like Escalate Network – do a pay per action (conversion) campaign and you’ll only pay when someone buys your product. Networks like Escalate have massive amounts of publishers who are excellent at driving traffic.

2. Brand Your Blog

Just like a cows ass, it’s important to brand your blog so people know who’s content their looking at. The way to do this is to be consistent with the branding of your blog. You need to keep your brand image (figuratively and literally) the same across all platforms including social media. Your blog badge, images and content should be consistent. If your Twitter and Facebook pictures are not the same, how would people know these social media accounts are connected to the same blog? If you’d like to read more about Brand Consistency and how to achieve it, check out this article on my friends blog, Newlywed Survival.

3. Share Your New Posts

As the saying goes; Keep it simple, stupid! Don’t forget to share your blog updates across your social media platforms. Share your new post on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Blog Frogs, Google+ — etc.. If you don’t share your blog, people won’t know that you’ve posted a new update! It’s simple, just don’t forget to do it.

4. Building Organic Engagement

One important thing when it comes to running a successful blog is building organic engagement. Organic engagement is interaction (Comments, Likes, Retweets, Shares etc…) from people who visit your blog and social pages without being asked to. Is it OK to ask for engagement? YES! Ask for Comments and Retweets, ask your fans to Share and Like your content, ask them to stumble your posts. If they find your content worth sharing, they will help you spread the word!

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Is it OK to run a giveaway on your Facebook page or have a Twitter party? Sure! But, if that’s the only engagement you’re getting – it’s junk. You need people to engage with your blog because they like your content, not because they can win something. Engaging fans with giveaways is fun, but that practice should be done with caution. Doing too many giveaways will attract the wrong crowd. When you run a giveaway, you want to give something to someone who reads your blog, not a ‘professional sweeper’ who’s only there to enter your giveaways, right?

Your ultimate goal should be to not have to ask for engagement. You want people to want to share your content and your content to go viral on it’s own merit.

The hippies are right — Organic is better. (lol!)

5. Build Your Email List

Building your email list is an art form and may take some time to accomplish. Using Google’s Feedburner, you can have your blog send emails to your email list when you post new content. There are also lots of ways to integrate Feedburner with your blog to help build your email list. For Self Hosted WordPress blogs; there are many plugins available. You can send people to the link you grab from Feedburner, you can use HTML to embed sign up forms or use plugins to build your email list. The possibilities are endless (search Google for what you need.)

You may have seen the email subscribe box on the right side bar. Or you can sign up for my newsletter here or go to the bottom of the page and sign up in that email subscribe box. Lots of different placed to sign up helps increase the likelihood of visitors subscribing. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to my blog 🙂 We don’t spam!

6. SEO & Quality Content

Quality content and SEO go hand in hand. There is a lot to learn about SEO and SEO is a living organism which continues to grow every time Google, Bing or Yahoo updates. If you’re not too familiar with SEO or would like to learn more – grab a book or 10 and start reading. Your blog wont go very far without a good, consistent Search Engine Optimization plan.

Quality content is original content that gives people a reason to visit your blog. You can use all the tips above to drive traffic to your blog, but if your blog is poorly written and not interesting, no one will return! Just like any other business, blogging is a repeat and referral business. How many times have you said “I saw/bought/read it on” or something like that? That’s giving referral business!

Create quality, well written content that people want to see. If you do that, combined with a good SEO plan, the search engines will send you traffic, and that traffic will turn into repeat visitors who share your content and tell their friends….you get the idea!

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24 thoughts on “How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog”

  1. SEO and providing quality content is my most favorite one :-) Thanks for the share! I'm into SEO too :-)
    1. Thanks for stopping by, Wendy! Yes, it is vital - and in my opinion, one of the hardest things to do. With time comes success!
  2. i'm still learning these number games but when it comes to email subscription should i use the one that comes with blogger or should i go outside with something like mailchip
    1. For simple subscriptions to your RSS Feed I suggest Feedburner. For an email system - I like MadMimi. But, I've heard good things about MailChimp as well.
  3. Great tips! There is really something to be said for engagement. The communities that we build and join as bloggers are essential for success! :)
    1. Thanks, Sara! Yes, I too think engagement ranks up there with high quality content and SEO! Thank you for your comment! :)
    1. I think building organic engagement is the toughest thing for any blogger. Finding that right content formula that draws in chatty visitors is becoming ever so difficult. Good luck!
  4. This is a great post!! I do believe that so many bloggers do not really understand that networking,engaging and building a friend support community is vital to driving traffic to their blogs. Its hard work but it pays off without a doubt!!
  5. Thanks for sharing! I'm doing a similar series on my blog right now (today's post happened to be about Stats). I think way too many people get into blogging expecting it to just produce loads of money instantly. It's work! I spend as many hours online as I would in an office. Getting traffic to your site is one of the hardest steps. You have to be consistent in your methods and keep readers engaged. I'd love to have you guest on Life with 5 monkies for my "What I've Learned Blogging" series. You're always so full of insight!
    1. Thanks for stopping by, Brandi! It is a lot of work, just like any other job! Ugh. STATS! (LOL!) What a touchy topic. I have a very controversial post sitting in my "drafts" section waiting for me to press publish - it's all about stats!
  6. I think networking is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Make friends online and support one another. Many bloggers just drop links and run. Honest engagement is key.
  7. I have to work on #4. I always feel like I am being too pushy by embedding a tweet in my post or a link like you did to share on FB. But it worked, I liked and shared your post! I learned about giveaway traffic the hard way. I was just starting out and saw that so many people would visit sites with giveaways on them. So, I jumped on the bandwagon. When I stopped doing giveaways on my one blog, my traffic actually went up. The more "real" content I put up, the more people were stopping by and sharing. Thanks for the tips!
    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stacey! Don't feel like it's pushy - feel like you're a rock star and everyone wants to share your stuff! :) I also learned the hard way with one of my blogs about the giveaway trap (more coming on that in a future post!). Nevertheless, that's why we have multifaceted approaches for driving traffic.

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