How to Delete a Facebook Account

Delete Facebook Account

So, you want to toss in the towel and send Facebook packing! Okay, well – in this tutorial, we’ll tell you how to delete a Facebook account permanently. All you need is access to the Facebook account that you want to delete. So, whether it’s your Facebook account that you’re deleting or maybe even your child’s Facebook account – this is the right place to learn how.

PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial is to delete a whole Facebook account and all the information contained within the account. If you’re only looking to delete a Facebook Page, see my tutorial: How to Delete a Facebook Page.

Not sure about deleting your Facebook account? A ‘facebook friend’ of mine deleted her account. Read her story of how deleting Facebook has changed her life.

How to Download Your Facebook Data

If you think you’ll want some information from the Facebook account that you’re deleting, you can download your Facebook data. Simply follow these steps to download your Facebook Data before deactivating your account.

1. Click on the sprocket icon at the top of any page on Facebook (while logged in)

2. Click “Settings”

3. Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data”

4. Click “Start My Archive”

Want to know what information will be in your download? Click here to learn more.


Deactivating a Facebook Profile

Deactivating a Facebook Profile will not delete it. If you have your account deactivated, you can reactivate your account which will retain your information and resume using Facebook. You must permanently delete your account if you never want to log back in.

1. Click on the sprocket icon at the top of any page on Facebook (while logged in)

2. Click “Settings”

3. Click “Security” on the left side

4. Click “Deactivate your account”


Deleting a Facebook Account Permanently

*Caution this is permanent! It cannot be reversed!

1. Go to this page on Facebook

2. Click “let us know” on that page

3. Read the warning from Facebook

4. Click “Delete My Account”

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