23 Sweet Homemade Garden Benches

23 Homemade DIY Garden Benches

Have you heard of Hometalk? It’s a website where people can share their DIY projects. It’s a great place to gather inspiration and ideas for your own DIY projects too! I’d almost say it’s the Pinterest for those looking for real DIY inspiration without the nonsense of fishing through all the other categories.

Hometalk recently featured a couple of my DIY projects (Refinished Desk & Iced Tea Station) in their newsletter and on their Facebook page. That was pretty neat. I was also asked to create a board of DIY benches for their newsletter and include my own Upcycled Bench.

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This is where the 23 benches comes in – I’ve gathered up a bunch of sweet DIY homemade benches and clipped them to my DIY Garden Bench board on Hometalk.

How does Hometalk work? You create boards on Hometalk to clip projects to, like I did with the 23 DIY Garden Benches. You then browse and clip other people’s projects to your boards – it’s like ‘sharing’ their projects on your boards for your followers to see. Don’t worry – everyone starts out without any followers, but the more you clip, share and create your own DIY posts, the more people will follow you!

So, stop over and see the board my DIY Garden Benches board to see 23 different garden benches I like, including seating benches and potting benches! Follow me on Hometalk and browse around – it’s a neat site!


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  1. Many years ago I made one similar. I must not have protected it well enough because after a few winters outside it looked worse than when I started!

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