A quick, easy hike to Holt’s Ledge they said. Research on the internet brought up search after search, rating the Holt’s Ledge hike as an easy, couple hour hike that will show you the beauty of the New Hampshire mountains and valleys…and it does! But…

Holt's Ledge Hike, Appalachian Trail, Lyme, New Hampshire

Holt’s Ledge Hike in Lyme, New Hampshire

One thing is for sure, when you get to the top, the view from Holt’s Ledge is amazing! It’s worth the hike, no matter the difficulty. Located in Lyme, New Hampshire, Holt’s Ledge is a small section of the Appalachian trail. It can be accessed at a trailhead near Dartmouth Skiway, on the Grafton Turnpike.

You can park your car at Dartmouth Skiway nearest the ‘Hiking” pole sign at the end of the parking lot (to the left side). A short walk down the street to the trail head and you’ll soon see that bringing the rolling cooler and baby stroller was a bad idea. Hike up the stairs and begin your ascent into the forest.

Note: The trail head is to the left of the parking lot, walking away from Dartmouth Skiway. The trail head entrance is across the street, and across the street from a Y intersection. It’s quite easy to find and marked by the sign you see above.

Appalachian Trail; Holt’s Ledge

You begin your ascent into the forest by way of a few stairs, you’ll stop to read the signage – complete with bear warnings and other tidbits of information. You’ll think to yourself, oh the websites said it was an easy hike, another 100 yards and it should level off a little bit and the trail will smooth out.

You’ll be wrong. Then another 100 yards in, you’ll think oh maybe it’ll smooth out around the corner… Stop. turn around and go put your rolling cooler back in your car, and strap the baby to your back. It’s not a the easy stroll you’ve been promised on the hiking websites. It’s not a hard hike, but it’s certainly not an easy stroll where you can push your jogging stroller to the top. The trail narrows, there are roots, logs and rocks, steep gullies, sharp inclines and depending on the season, slippery slopes and mud.

With all that being said, the hike is great. Tougher than we thought it was going to be, but great. We even ventured off to the side-trail and visited the Trapper John Shelter before working our way to Holt’s Ledge. The views from the top were amazing! You could see for miles and miles. It was worth the hike!

There is also an easier way up, or down as we found out. You can walk the Dartmouth Skiway trails up and down, which leaves a lot of questioning what’s around the corner out of the equation. Follow the link below to see our entire hike, including photos from the top!

Read our entire encounter at UpperValleyNHVT.com »


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