On a recent trip to Las Vegas, Katie and I had the pleasure of going on the High Roller wheel at the Linq! Not only did we get to go on the ride, we also chose to go on the Ethel M Chocolate High Roller Chocolate Tasting Experience! Yes, for real! Taste chocolates, sip on wine or champagne and enjoy the sights of Las Vegas!

High Roller Chocolate Experience in Las Vegas Nevada! Ride the High Roller and taste chocolates while you take in the sights of Las Vegas from more than 500 feet up on the Linq wheel!

What should you expect on the High Roller Chocolate Experience? Great question. There are a few things worth mentioning. First thing’s first, don’t expect to pig out on chocolate. It’s an experience, not your living room ;).

You’ll taste 4 vastly different chocolates and then get to take a box of chocolate home as well. You also get a glass of wine, champagne, or your drink of choice before you board the high roller. We chose champagne!

Champagne on the Chocolate Experience High Roller in Vegas! Discover amazing views while tasting chocolate and sipping champagne in Las Vegas, NV!

When you board the High Roller, your chocolate experience has begun. The chocolatiers break the ice with a few quick questions to get the conversation going. They’ll explain what you’ll be sampling, the flavors you may experience, and how you should taste the chocolate. Yep, there’s a certain way to taste the chocolate to get the entire experience. The Ethel M chocolatiers will show you how…

Las Vegas High Roller Chocolatiers from Ethel M Chocolates. The chocolate tasting experience is one you don't want to miss! Click to learn more!

I’m not sure how many chocolatiers there usually are in the High Roller pod. On our trip we had two. One was experienced and the other chocolatier was on his first High Roller training session. He was an experienced chocolatier, but had never worked the wheel – and apparently he also had a fear of heights! If he can do it, you can too!

High Roller Chocolate Experience at the Link Wheel in Las Vegas! Finding yourself overlooking the city is a wonderful experience. Combine that with chocolate and the experience is divine!

As you can tell, the clouds started rolling in while we were on the wheel. It was still fun though, we’re going to go at night next time so we can see the city lights! The window tint from inside the wheel also kills the color in the photos, but never mind that, it’s a great experience.

Vegas High Roller Wheel Chocolate Experience. Ride 530 feet into the air in a pod while tasting chocolate and sipping on champagne!

Cutting to the chase, you’ll taste a piece of chocolate about every 15 minutes and then cleanse your palate with your wine. It takes roughly 30 minutes for your pod to go all the way around the wheel. You’ll learn a little about the history of chocolate and some cool facts about the High Roller as well. Overall, it’s a fun experience and we definitely recommend it!

Don’t forget to take in the views and capture a few photos of Las Vegas too!

Linq High Roller Wheel Chocolate Experience. Ride high above the city for the best views, day or night!

When you get toward the end of the trip, they’ll hand you some coupons good at the Ethel M Chocolate store (right at the Airport and various places throughout Vegas) and a box of chocolate to snack on back at your hotel.

Las Vegas High Roller Ethel M Chocolate Experience Pod. Taste chocolates and experience the city like never before!

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