Have you ever been to Disney World during Halloween? Well, we have and it’s so awesome. All of the decorations around the park are fun and exciting.

Disney World Halloween! See all the things Disney has to offer during Halloween, like Mickey's Halloween Party, Halloween Wreaths, Jack 'O Lanterns, Decorations and Munchies! Check it out!

They decorate everywhere, like these pumpkins and wreaths on the Fire Station right on Main St.

Main St. Fire Station During Fall at Disney World

To the Jack ‘o Lanterns they have scattered throughout the park like this one at the entrance…

Disney World Pumpkins during fall time

And this one too…

Disney World jack 'o lanterns

Scarecrows right on Main St. too!

Scarecrows on Main St. at Disney World

The Mickey Mouses fall pumpkin wreaths on the lamp posts.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Wreath Lamp Post

And of course Mickey’s Halloween Party that you do not want to miss. You’ll need a special event ticket to go, but it has all the rockin’ Mickey Mouse Halloween fun you’d expect from a Disney private event. So much fun!

Disney World Mickey's Halloween Party

It’s a must-do if you’re in town during that time of year. Don’t forget to stop by at gift shop and grab your Mickey Mouse trick or treat candy buckets!

Mickey Mouse candy buckets for Halloween

Of course, don’t miss out on the other cool Disney Halloween stuff like the mugs and votive holders at the gift shop at Disney’s Boardwalk…

Mickey Mouse Halloween Jars and Mugs at gift shop

And even all the sweets. We found Halloween Pumpkin Apples at Goofy’s Candy Co. at Disney Springs!

Halloween Pumpkin Candy Apples at Goofy's Candy Co. Disney Springs

What’s your favorite part about Halloween season at Disney World?

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