Funny Pet Halloween Costumes

Pets in Halloween Costumes

Dressing pets up in costumes is a big thing now, I guess… Especially around Halloween. These photos of animals dressed up in costume for Halloween (or not for Halloween) showed up in a forward in my email box. Yes, some people still forward emails around and I’ve apparently made one of their lists (heh).

Let’s start with our Cat! Turbo has been dressed up as a weenie. He totally didn’t like his costume and walked backwards trying to get it to come off. Due to that, we only ‘made’ him wear it for about 10 seconds. Anyone in the market for a small weenie pet costume? lol

Turbo the Munchkin

Munchkin cat in costume

A cat butt, a dagger hound, Batman and Superman!

(I’m not sure if the cat butt counts as a costume, but it’s funny lol)

Funny Pet Halloween Costumes

A Lobster Dog and Two Yoda Dogs!

Halloween Pet Costumes

A Jack O’ Lantern, a Pumpkin and some Ghosts!

Halloween Dog Costumes

A lucky charm, a football player and some cheerleaders!

Dog Halloween Costumes


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