Cbias Scrappy GeekSNICKERS® You're Not You When You're Hungry! #WhenImHungry, #ad, #cbias, #SNICKERSDo you get a touch of road rage when you’re hungry? Perhaps you make a not so pleasant gesture when someone cuts you off in traffic. Maybe you cuss up a storm when someone sits a little (or a lot) too long at a green light. Who are you when you’re hungry?. #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

If you’re not you when you’re hungry, stop and grab a couple SNICKERS® bars next time you’re at the store. Keep them in your center console and it may help you when those less-than-good drivers get on your bad side.

SNICKERS®; you're not you when you're hungry

Forget Road Rage: Grab a SNICKERS®!

If you tend to get a little grumpy when you’re hungry, you’re not alone. There’s one thing that really irks me when I’m driving, especially when I’m hungry; that’s tailgaters. My biggest pet peeve on the road, and the leading cause of my road-anger is from people tailgating me. But, grabbing a SNICKERS® always seems to help!

Do you get road rage? Grab a SNICKERS®

Let’s get something clear – I don’t go light on the accelerator. There’s no reason for tailgating me. If the speed limit is 40 mph and I see you speeding up on me at 55-60 mph and proceed to follow me, 24 inches off my bumper – I’m going to get a little irritated. Oh, and when I’m hungry – watch out! I’m not me when I’m hungry!

No Tailgating!

What’s the order of execution for your poor decision to tailgate me? How do I deal with it? If you’re tailgating me, a brake check is in order. If you continue, I’ll feel a spike in my blood pressure and a second brake check will be administered.

Two brake checks is all you get. If the second brake check doesn’t tell you to get off my bumper and travel along at a safe distance, we’re going to slow right down to 5 under the speed limit (and you know well that it’s a double yellow line for the next 10 miles).

We’re going to travel the windy back roads together, extra slow. I’m going to reach into my console and have myself a SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares or SNICKERS® Almond. I’m going to kick back, slouch a little bit, turn the music up and enjoy my SNICKERS® candy.

SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares

Picture it! 

Him: Hungry and grumpy – still tailgating me, weaving back and forth, waving his fist around – cussing up a storm and getting all PO’ed. We’re driving extra slow as a consequence of his insistence on tailgating, but his mind keeps telling him that I’m the jerk and deserve ‘the bird’ flipped in my direction.

Me: Cooling off with a SNICKERS® after this bad driver decided to travel way too close behind me. I gave him two warnings to back off, he thought it better to continue driving like an idiot. Now, I’m having a nice relaxing drive, enjoying a SNICKERS® Almond, listening to some music and snickering at him in my rear view mirror while he is acting like a fool.

SNICKERS Who are you when you're hungry?

Perhaps he needs a SNICKERS®. Perhaps, like me, he’s not himself when he’s hungry. Perhaps he’d be a better, more considerate driver if he had a SNICKERS® stash in his console, too!

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There’s no need to get road rage, just grab a SNICKERS®!

What’s your biggest driving pet peeve? 

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