Forget Road Rage: Grab a SNICKERS®

Cbias Scrappy GeekSNICKERS® You're Not You When You're Hungry! #WhenImHungry, #ad, #cbias, #SNICKERSDo you get a touch of road rage when you’re hungry? Perhaps you make a not so pleasant gesture when someone cuts you off in traffic. Maybe you cuss up a storm when someone sits a little (or a lot) too long at a green light. Who are you when you’re hungry?. #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

If you’re not you when you’re hungry, stop and grab a couple SNICKERS® bars next time you’re at the store. Keep them in your center console and it may help you when those less-than-good drivers get on your bad side.

SNICKERS®; you're not you when you're hungry

Forget Road Rage: Grab a SNICKERS®!

If you tend to get a little grumpy when you’re hungry, you’re not alone. There’s one thing that really irks me when I’m driving, especially when I’m hungry; that’s tailgaters. My biggest pet peeve on the road, and the leading cause of my road-anger is from people tailgating me. But, grabbing a SNICKERS® always seems to help!

Do you get road rage? Grab a SNICKERS®

Let’s get something clear – I don’t go light on the accelerator. There’s no reason for tailgating me. If the speed limit is 40 mph and I see you speeding up on me at 55-60 mph and proceed to follow me, 24 inches off my bumper – I’m going to get a little irritated. Oh, and when I’m hungry – watch out! I’m not me when I’m hungry!

No Tailgating!

What’s the order of execution for your poor decision to tailgate me? How do I deal with it? If you’re tailgating me, a brake check is in order. If you continue, I’ll feel a spike in my blood pressure and a second brake check will be administered.

Two brake checks is all you get. If the second brake check doesn’t tell you to get off my bumper and travel along at a safe distance, we’re going to slow right down to 5 under the speed limit (and you know well that it’s a double yellow line for the next 10 miles).

We’re going to travel the windy back roads together, extra slow. I’m going to reach into my console and have myself a SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares or SNICKERS® Almond. I’m going to kick back, slouch a little bit, turn the music up and enjoy my SNICKERS® candy.

SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares

Picture it! 

Him: Hungry and grumpy – still tailgating me, weaving back and forth, waving his fist around – cussing up a storm and getting all PO’ed. We’re driving extra slow as a consequence of his insistence on tailgating, but his mind keeps telling him that I’m the jerk and deserve ‘the bird’ flipped in my direction.

Me: Cooling off with a SNICKERS® after this bad driver decided to travel way too close behind me. I gave him two warnings to back off, he thought it better to continue driving like an idiot. Now, I’m having a nice relaxing drive, enjoying a SNICKERS® Almond, listening to some music and snickering at him in my rear view mirror while he is acting like a fool.

SNICKERS Who are you when you're hungry?

Perhaps he needs a SNICKERS®. Perhaps, like me, he’s not himself when he’s hungry. Perhaps he’d be a better, more considerate driver if he had a SNICKERS® stash in his console, too!

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There’s no need to get road rage, just grab a SNICKERS®!

What’s your biggest driving pet peeve? 

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13 thoughts on “Forget Road Rage: Grab a SNICKERS®”

  1. I can put up with a lot, but it really aggravates me when people do the really rude things like cut me off or don’t let me merge. Where are you going that you have to be there 5 seconds sooner?!

  2. I couldn’t think of who I would be when I get hungry. Those commercials are great lol! Snickers is one of my favorite candy bars. Now I’m craving one! hehe

  3. I am seriously the grumpiest person EVER when I get hungry and with running kids back and forth to school, I need a good snack in my car! Guess I better stock upon some Snickers!

  4. Now this post really made me laugh! I love the “2 warnings and then you’ve really had it” approach! Slow down and make the tailgater fume while you enjoy the SNICKERS® and the drive! #client

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