DIY Toolbox Makeover

I was driving home a few weeks ago and I saw an old metal toolbox sitting at the end of someone’s driveway with a little “Free” sign on it. It was calling my name! The toolbox was the only thing sitting in the free pile besides a little 2ft fishing pole, which I also grabbed, just because it was cool.

DIY Toolbox Paint and Refinish

I had been looking for a steel toolbox for a while, I hadn’t bought a new one because, well, they’re so damn expensive! This one was in okay condition, quite a bit of surface rust, a lot of wear and it was an ugly pitted rust and green color – so I figured I’d give it a paint job.

Rusty Toolbox Paint Job Makeover
I sanded down the toolbox inside and out. I painted the handles a gloss black. After masking off the handles and latches, I painted the entire box red – awesome red toolbox with black handles, latches and a black box insert – right? Wrong.

I was less than impressed with the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch paint coverage. I actually bought the 2x Ultra Cover Paint + Primer because it was the only gloss red spray paint available at Home Depot the day I went – and… it sucked.

Rust-Olium Red Paint Sucks

It had the worst coverage, even after several coats. I even ended up with some runs because I over sprayed on the third or fourth coat trying to get better coverage. It was quite frustrating, the olive green color kept shadowing through.

I do not recommend the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2x Ultra Cover Paint + Primer in Apple Red.

Well, now it looked like crap and I needed to fix it up – at this point, it would have looked better had I left it green and rusty! But, I’m not done pulling tricks out of my hat. I’m going to add two more coats of red and then add black stripes to shine this baby up. It was free, so I wasn’t too concerned.

Painting Stripes on Toolbox

Once I decided to go with stripes, I waited a few days for the red paint to dry completely before adding painter’s tape and painting the stripes. I know the Rust-Oleum All Surface Gloss Black Spray Paint and Primer in One – Gloss works very well. I used this paint when I painted the desk legs in our office and had good luck with it then.

Gloss Black Rust-Oleum Paint and Primer

I’m glad I chose to go back to this black gloss paint – it works great and the fan spray pattern from these cans are great too.

Toolbox Makeover Paint Job

After I had painted black stripes along the box, which covered more than 50% of the front, top and back – I carefully removed the painter’s tape and was pleasantly surprised! This toolbox came out great – better than I thought it would when I first picked it up off the side of the road! I should go drop it on that guy’s door-step…I wonder if he’d want it back now? 🙂

Toolbox Paint Job Makeover

Do you have a favorite roadside find? Tell me in the comments!

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