DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving day is a great day to make a DIY pallet wood project, and since Christmas is sneaking up quickly, why not make a DIY Pallet Christmas tree? Today we’re making a fun DIY pallet wood Christmas tree! It’s a simple project and will give your Christmas display a fun, rustic look!

DIY Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

On Thanksgiving day, we visited with my brother’s family. Earlier in the month my niece found a pallet board Christmas tree project online and asked if we could make one. Of course! While the turkey was in the oven we headed outside to do a little painting.

Beforehand I had broken down the pallet, pre-cut all the pallet wood, drilled pilot holes and had everything ready to go – I even glued together the two pieces which made the top of the tree. Grab the pallet board lengths I used, below.

To begin our pallet project you’ll need 4 or 5 pallet boards, some 1 or 1¼ inch screws, paint and wood glue. Let’s get our materials together.

You can adjust any of the measurements and make your own fun design, this is just how we made our wood pallet Christmas trees, there’s no right or wrong way – be artistic, make it yours!

Pallet wood cuts:

  • 2 pieces 36″ long (no need to cut these!)
  • 1 piece 27″ long
  • 1 piece 19″ long
  • 1 piece 13″ long
  • 1 piece 9″ long
  • 2 pieces 4″ long, glue & clamp together to make a square – this will be the tree topper
  • Drill two pilot holes, one above the other, in the center of all the wood pieces – except for 1 of the 36″ pieces (the trunk). Drill two pilot holes on a lower corner of the square topper.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

We laid out the pallet boards on cardboard so when we spray painted it wouldn’t get everywhere. We were lucky enough to have fairly mild weather and be able to paint outside – spray paint, even in a well ventilated room can be very overpowering! Make sure you strap on your mask and paint away.

For our project we used Hunter Green spray paint for the branches, brown spray paint for the tree trunk, and  red spray paint for the top of the tree. We also used white, red and two tones of blue chalk paint – here and here – for decoration.

Once the boards are cut to size, this project moves right along quickly. Paint and assemble, and voila, you have a DIY pallet Christmas tree! So, without further ado, strap on your painting face masks and let’s get started on this pallet wood project.

Painting Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

We’re going to paint the tree trunk board, one of the two 36″ boards, brown.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree Trunk

Then we’re going to paint the pallet boards which make up the branches a hunter green color.

Pallet Christmas Tree

We’re painting the tree topper, the two 4″ boards we glued together to make a square, red.

Pallet Christmas Tree Star

Once the base colors are dry, use various color paints and stencils or free hand ornaments onto the branches to make Christmas tree ornaments! We used the red, white and blue colors for the ornaments and the stars on top of the tree.

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Project

Finally, after all the paint has had a chance to dry, assemble the tree, beginning about ¼ of the way up the brown trunk, attach your first board – this is the second 36″ board (the first being the trunk itself)

DIY Pallet Christmas Trees

Here’s our finished DIY pallet trees. My niece made one and of course Katie made one, too!

Maya's Pallet Christmas Tree

Enjoy making your own pallet wood Christmas tree, it’s a fun DIY project that the whole family can get involved in! Hop over to Maya’s blog to read her take on this DIY pallet Christmas tree project!

Who do you plan to build a pallet Christmas tree with?

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