DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

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DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

Do you leave notes on sticky paper? It’s time to ditch the sticky paper and make yourself a cool magnetic chalkboard! Today we’re making a fun DIY magnetic chalkboard where you can leave notes and reminders for your family. Not only will we make a magnetic chalkboard, but we’re going to do something pretty neat with Snapple Straight Up Tea drink caps to add some pizzazz to this DIY magnetic chalkboard project.

Magnetic Chalkboard DIY Project

You know how the Snapple Diet Peach or Straight Up Tea drinks have the cool caps with interesting sayings written on the inside of them, right? We’re going to use those caps and turn them into magnets for our magnetic chalkboard. Pretty cool, huh? Just like everyone loves reading their Snapple factoids, they’ll love these Snapple Facts cap magnets, too!

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

This is a pretty simple chalkboard when you get down to it. I’m going to use a piece of tin knockers metal. The piece we’re using is a end cap for a vent, you can pick one up at your home improvement store for just a couple bucks.

To get a chalkboard surface, I also grabbed some chalkboard paint at Walmart. But, before we apply the chalkboard paint we need to apply some gripping primer. This is a special primer that is made to grip onto smooth, glossy and shiny surfaces.

Sure, we could have got the magnetic paint and used wood, but this is a more economical option. Let’s face it – we’ll always use primer. How often do we find ourselves reaching for the magnetic paint?

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Tutorial

Let’s get started. The first thing you’ll want to do is use a hammer to beat the flanges flat. Now you’re a real tin knocker! 😀 Just pound away all the way around until the flanges of your vent cover are flat. Then flip it over and pound along the other side, this will help assure your piece is flat and ready to go!

Drill two holes in near the top of the tin on each end, for installing the ribbon hanger.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Hanger

The next step is to strap on your dust mask or respirator and give the surface a nice scuff down with 120 grit sand paper. This will prep the surface for a primer coat of paint.

DIY Metal Magnetic Chalkboard with Paint

Apply a nice coat of gripping primer, made for glossy surfaces. You may want to apply two coats of primer to your magnetic chalkboard. Use a smooth sponge brush or sponge roller. Try not to leave any paint lines or brush strokes visible, but don’t over-work the paint or you’ll have a mess on your hands. Keep in mind, this is a magnetic chalkboard, the surface needs to be smooth.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Primer Coat

Once the primer is dry (follow instructions on primer can), apply the chalkboard paint. For this paint, also use a smooth foam roller or smooth foam brush.

Snapple Cap Magnetic Chalkboard

String your ribbon through the holes we drilled earlier, tie knots in the back.

Snapple Cap DIY Project

If you’d like a fancy chalk holder on your chalkboard, pound down one side of a Snapple bottle cap to make a flat plain in which to glue onto the chalkboard. Once you have one side of the Snapple cap flattened out, use a heavy duty glue (I used marble and mirror glue) to attach it to your magnetic chalkboard.

Snapple Cap Magnetic Chalkboard

DIY and Hydration

As you know, I do a lot of DIY projects. It’s summertime and the weather has been steady in the high 80’s and low 90’s. A lot of work is getting done around the house, both inside and out. It’s important to remember to stay hydrated (I’m the worst when it comes to getting my water intake). It is important though. We should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. It’s easier for me to drink by the bottle, that way I know how much water I’m drinking and keep on track for proper hydration.

I like the Fiji Water and Vita Coco Pure, they both come in 500ml bottles, which is more than 16 ounces. A glass is 8 ounces, so I know when I polish off a bottle, I’ve had two servings of water. 4 bottles a day and I have my daily water intake. Plus add in some delicious Snapple Straight Up Tea or Diet Peach and I’m hydrated up and feeling great! The Fiji water comes in a 6 pack at Walmart, too.

Walmart Snapple Fiji and Vita Coco Pure

I told you I was the worst at making sure I drink enough water and I know that I am noticeable sluggish when I get dehydrated. So, doing my water intake by the bottle really helps me keep on track and stay healthier, happier and energized for the next DIY project.

Snapple Cap Magnets

I’ve chosen Snapple caps with these Snapple facts:

  1. Jousting is the official sport of Maryland.
  2. South Carolina is home to the first tea farm in the U.S.
  3. A baby caribou can outrun it’s mother at 3 days old.
  4. All of the major candidates in the 1992, 1996 and 2008 Presidential elections were left-handed.
  5. The aphid insect is born pregnant.

There’s a fun Snapple fact under each cap – they’re always entertaining too!

Making the Snapple cap magnets is, well, a snap! While you’re at Walmart picking up a handful of Snapple Diet Peach or Snapple Straight Up Tea, grab some magnetic tape over in the crafting aisle.

DIY Snapple Magnets

I got 1/2 inch magnetic tape, which works well. Cut a 1/2 inch piece off to make a small square and it fits inconspicuously on the backside of the Snapple cap – making for perfect Snapple cap quote magnets!

Snapple Bottle Cap Magnets

Now you can make your own DIY magnetic chalk board!

DIY Magnetic Chalk Board

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How do you make sure you’re staying hydrated during your daily routine?

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11 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Chalkboard”

  1. This is such an awesome upcycled craft! In the summer months, we drink a lot of Snapple, Fiji, and Vita Coco - they're so refreshing and hydrating. And, who knew that jousting was the official sport of Maryland - I thought it was football! [client]
  2. What a cute and simple idea! This would be great to hang on a kid's door! I'm a big fan of Gripper primer, it even worked on my crappy formica table!
  3. I LOVE this DIY magnetic chalkboard! Not only would one be great for the kids and my nephew and nieces in school and college, but I'd love to have one here in my kitchen to help me keep track of things, etc.!

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