While visiting New Orleans, Katie and I were lucky enough to dine on Bourbon Street at the famous Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House Seafood restaurant! We were hosted as guests of Bourbon House in exchange for sharing our experience with you. Bourbon House is located on the corner of Bourbon Street and Iberville Street, just one block from Canal Street.

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Dinner on Bourbon Street

We’ve all heard about Bourbon Street and it’s famous Mardi Gras and party atmosphere, but one thing you may be missing out on is a Bourbon Street dining experience you’ll be talking about for years to come. Where is a good place to eat on Bourbon Street? Bourbon House Seafood is the best! They’re located right on Bourbon Street and it is a perfect place to stop in for a bite of fresh New Orleans seafood and enjoy a refreshing drink!

During our trip to New Orleans, we packed in as much fun as us old fogies could handle, including visiting the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium and Butterfly Garden. Sunday, we spent the better half of the day on a swamp tour before heading back into the city for dinner at Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House Seafood restaurant.

Getting to Bourbon House

Bourbon House restaurant is really easy to find. It’s one block from Canal Street, located right on Bourbon Street! We were over by Jackson Square doing a little souvenir shopping when we decided it was time to eat! We also wanted to ride the streetcar again, so we hopped on and headed for Bourbon House!

We caught the riverfront streetcar from Dumaine station, behind Cafe Du Monde, and rode it over to the Canal St. station near the Aquarium, then walked up Canal Street to Bourbon Street. You could also hop on the Canal Streetcar and ride up to Bourbon Street, but it’s a nice little walk.

New Orleans River Front Streetcar

Once on Bourbon Street, the first thing you’ll notice as you walk past the windows of Bourbon House is how fancy is looks! It really is a top notch restaurant, the staff is dressed in black and white, with ties and/or vests and are ready to serve. Don’t worry, there is no dress code – head in for a bite and a delicious drink!

Dinner on Bourbon Street

The service at Bourbon House could not have been better. Once seated we were quickly greeted by Tammy with drink specials, she helped us find the perfect drinks. I think Katie already had her eye on the Bourbon House Root Beer Float – no surprise there! For me it was a toss up, but I went with the Bourbon Sidecar.

Drinks at Bourbon House

Katie will tell you, “be careful!” The Bourbon House Root Beer Float is so tasty it’s hard not to order a second, third, or fourth…..you get the idea! I had a sip and she’s right. If you like root beer, this bourbon float is for you! Katie gives the Bourbon House Root Beer Float 5 stars!

Bourbon House Root Beer Float

My choice was the Bourbon Sidecar. Made with a small batch Elijah Craig 12yr bourbon and perfectly complimented with orange liqueur and lemon bitters. If you’re like me and love a great bourbon without other flavors completely taking over the cocktail, this drink is for you!

Bourbon House Restaurant, Bourbon Sidecar Drink

Scott, our server for the evening, couldn’t let us leave without trying the Bourbon House Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch. To be honest, the name didn’t appeal to me – but wow! I’m very happy it was recommended to cap off our meal. Order yourself one, you won’t be disappointed!

Frozen Bourbon House Milk Punch

Remember, when you’re on Bourbon Street this summer, stop in to grab a Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch at Bourbon House – it’s a great way to relax and cool down !

Appetizers at Bourbon House

Scott was very helpful, sharing the specials, soup du jour, catch of the day and chef’s daily selections – all of which sounded amazing. Alas, there’s only so much food one can eat!

While we were perusing the menu, Scott brought over the most delicious French bread. I mean, this french bread is crazy; a nice thin crispy, flaky crust with a warm, soft center. A perfect way to begin dinner on Bourbon Street.

Fresh French Bread at Bourbon House

Katie decided on the soup du jour, which was a broccoli and cheddar. It was perfectly seasoned, as was the rest of the food. Though there is salt and pepper on the table, there’s no need to reach for them as the chef has seasoned each dish perfectly.

The chef also delivered with a fresh, off the menu, tuna appetizer – which was fantastic. The tuna was fresh and the flavor was great. A hint of Mandarin orange really did the trick with this fun dish.

Chef's Tuna Appetizer at Bourbon House

Dinner at Bourbon House

I haven’t been to New Orleans in a very long time, since before Bourbon House opened as a matter of fact. Way up here in New Hampshire we don’t have catfish on the menu, and everyone who knows me knows I talk about Louisiana cuisine, especially the catfish, all the time.

Bourbon House, NOLA, Catfish Platter

Naturally, I had to try the catfish platter at Bourbon House. Katie went a little lighter with the Bourbon House Salad with grilled chicken. However, like any lovely company, she did yoink a few bites off my plate (haha).

Bourbon House Dessert

For our Bourbon House dessert, we took Scott’s advice and ordered the Chocolate Pecan Crunch, and it was awesome! Seriously, I didn’t think I had room after (nearly) stuffing myself full with the catfish platter, but it only took one bite of the Chocolate Pecan Crunch and it was game on!

Chocolate Pecan and Bourbon Milk Punch Dessert

As I mentioned before, we also had the Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch with our dessert. Now that we’ve tried it, we’ll be stopping at Bourbon House for one every time we visit New Orleans, and that’s a promise!

Bourbon House
144 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-522-0111

Find the entire menu at BourbonHouse.com

Where’s your favorite place to dine in New Orleans?

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